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Type 2 becoming more prevalent

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of the newer charge points are Type 2 only. For example I wanted to take my Twizy to Westfield in ‘Stratford City’ today, but despite there being plenty of charge points there, they are all type 2 apparently.

I’m not complaining as I understand we have to move on to a standard but I think it’s about time that Renault offered some kind of adapter or conversion kit for the Twizy. A lot of points now are unusable by the Twizy.

Another small problem I had the other day was that I pulled up to a charge point and the 3 pin plug wasn’t working. The type 2 was free but obviously I couldn’t test that one. If I had had an adapter it would have saved me the effort of having to find another charge point if that one worked.

This really hacked me off - as 2 of my EV’s are 13a only, I applauded ASDA for having the insight to specify 13a and Type 2, BUT the OLEV funding insists that Type 2 is the minimum, and I gather many post operators are now installing either triple-header Rapid chargers (T2, Chademo and the new BMW iE plug) as the entry level and Fast chargers are T2 only.

I had a discussion with one of the guys at EST who told me my technology was outdated, that 13a was ‘inherently unreliable and unsafe’ and he couldn’t give a flying fig that I had no possibility of charging my Twizy.

Yes, it would be nice if Renault supplied a compromise adaptor, but it would not be cheap and the well-heeled can already purchase a suitable solution if they require at an eye-watering price. If it all goes to plan, I’ll be a Twizy owner for just 10 more days and I’m already dreading its departure and will really miss it. Replacing it with a Fluence ZE solves the problem you complain of, I’ll be joining the Type 2 club, BUT the car will only charge at 16a - even if 32a is available, I cannot use it - Renault preferred the now-defunct battery-swap model, and no provision has been made to cope with Faster of a Rapid charging.

EV users continue in having to make sacrifices!

I hope you will still be around even though you might not be a Twizy owner.

Absolutely we’re quite a select bunch on here and as there’s an ‘other ZE’ section I’ll still be kosher! I contacted RCI to see if we could come to some compromise regarding 2 battery contracts (eg a discount) but they hadn’t responded so after 3 weeks, I doubt they’ll bother.