Type 2 charging adapter

Not how I wanted to announce this but I finally have a Twizy, will be taking delivery Saturday from a friendly fellow forum user!

However, to get it back I’ll be charging at at least one or two charging stations. I have ordered the Symphony EV 3 pin to type 2 adaptor, I wanted to know what the limitations are of this adaptor and the Twizy. I’m fully aware I cannot charge at tethered points i.e Ecotricity.

Would I be able to charge at anything type 2 from 3kW to 43kW?

Hi Dave,

Congrats on your Twizy! Your gonna love it.

One thing to bear in mind when using the Symphony Lead is that some charge points won’t release the lead. Basically you need to be very careful to use the charge points you can either terminate the charge with an app or an RFID card. Pod point charge points have proved a problem for me and I’ve had my lead locked in the charge point. I ended up having to leave it there and then contact the security company that manages the car park in order to retrieve the lead.

I’m not sure where you are in the U.K. but I have a polar card which costs about £7 per month, this allows you to use a lot of charge points operated mainly by ChargeMaster. These are good because you tap the card to start the charge and then tap it again to stop the charge, it then releases your lead.

If you want you can checkout some of my shenanigans and charging issues on my YouTube channel!

Good luck!

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Hi Andy,

First off no need to introduce yourself, I’ve been following your YouTube channel now for months and love all your content especially the Twizy videos. I’ve seen your video where your lead became stuck!

When is your Twy Rain review coming?

Many thanks for the information, I’ll keep that in mind. I spoke last night with the manufacturer at Symphony EV who advised the order in which you should plug the cables in and the app issues that can occur.

It’s somewhat annoying because a pod point charger is critical to my journey back (Leigh-On-Sea to Washbrook, Ipswich) I’m going to try and avoid A roads if possible (notably the A12)