Type 2 socket part numbers

Long shot but wondering if anyone can access or knows of the parts needed for the type 2 socket thats installed on some country’s twizys (canada was mentioned) & the nissan version.

Id like to try and order them from renault before going down other avenues of fitting a phase 1 female plug socket instead.

Are you changing the cable or replacing with a Type 2 socket?

Replacing it. Im doing a bit of renovation work on the house so my old charging spot is gone and im sick of the bungee cord, im either stretching it further than it’s designed to through a door/window or running an extension cable where the plug (all be it with a ip rated end) sits on the floor in a puddle… A nice long phase 1 or type 2 cable to female plug would suit better and would suit what im planning with my new garage.

@Zerotwiz supply the Type 2 socket for a Twizy which fits under the charging flap. Or you could use an adaptor - Type 2 to 3pin socket and leave the existing ‘bungee’ cord in place putting the joins inside the Twizy. Both options allow you to use the Twizy on public Type 2 charges.

None of this is cheap, but does make it easier for you.

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Cheers thats the one. £320 imo isnt too bad for a neater solution than the converter cables.
I’ll have to decide if it’s worth it over simply wiring in a blue, panel mounted 16amp 3 pin. Im still not convinced getting a type 2 ev charger for the home is right decision for future proofing, especially with tesla europe changing to chademo.

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