Type 2 to grandma

My Twizy is born with a type 2 connector and i want to be able to charge from a normal household poweroutlet when i want to.
I bought a type 2 female plug and are now trying to figure out the right connections.
The male type 2 plug on the twizy only seems to have metal pins on the earth (PE), CP and PP.
I would have expected to see N, PE and L1.
Any help much appreciated.

When you say your twizy was born with type 2, do you mean someone has modified it? I wasn’t aware of any design changes. Twizy has always come with a domestic plug as far as I’m aware.

For some reason it is forbidden here in Denmark to sell the car with an ordinary household powerplug.
I think that Renault is forced to deliver the car with type 2 here. The plug is sealed so that you can not disassample it.

These guys might be able to help. http://www.evcables.co.uk/

When enquiring, please mention that you were referred from this forum. Thanks! :slight_smile:

When you look in the type 2 the live and neutral have insulated tips. Hence what you can see in the twizy plug. How complex the solution is depends on how they have wired the Type two. On EVs the Pilot connections are normally linked into the cars charge control system, but to make the charge point come live on the wall, requires some simple components in the plug. Hence how I make type two to 13a adaptors that work.
If this is the case and there is no functional link to the twizy then simply putting Live and neutral (and of course earth) would work. You have to have a type2 wall outlet socket to do this, as the aparently matching inlet to a car (female version) is different and the pins are different lengths. This would mean a box with a wall outlet, cable and your new mains plug.
But a lot of effort to go to just to try it out. (I can supply the parts)
If the twizy type connector two is screwed together then you can see whats inside, take a photo (or two) and let me have them. But a lot of them are moulded so not an option.


How did you solve the problem? I’m looking to buy a second hand twizy but it has a type2 connector. I want to use it at home, so please let me know how you fixed it.

I bought a IEC 62196-2 Type2 Female Plug 16Amp at http://www.evchargingcables.com
and connected this via a 1.5# rubber cable to a Danish standard household plug with earth.
L1 to phase, N to Null, and PE to Earth.
I always have it with me in my bag, and use it 2-3 times a week.

Hope it helps