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Tyre Pressures & the Hard Ride

[FONT=Lucida Grande]It turns out the delivered tyre pressures were 45 psig (3.1 barg)[/FONT]

[FONT=Lucida Grande]After letting htem down to 2.3 barg (F) and 2.0 barg ® my back is so grateful. Have you checked yours?[/FONT]

No good point though. I had hoped PDI would have done that but…
Obviously I’m too trusting, will have to check,

Out of interest what would the recommend PSI be? Will check mine this weekend

[FONT=Lucida Grande]*The recommended pressures are

2.3 barg (F) and 2.0 barg ®


My tyre pressures where high as well. Yet to see what it does to the ride, but just rocking the car there is already more give. So hopefully the ride will be smoother. I will have to consider this against the cornering. However my tyre pressures are nearer the recommended ones. 2.3bar (F) 2.0bar ®

Got out today and two up the lower tyre pressures were so much kinder on my back and speed bumps did not launch the car.

Thanks Trevor for that gem.

Thanks for this finding.

I let some air out of my back tires yesterday and the ride is now so much smoother!!! They were at about 2.5bar whereas they should have been at 2.0.

The ride is noticeable softer, definitely makes such a difference.

Renault should be wary of this, as this tiny thing alone may hurt sales if people test drive a Twizy and think it’s too uncomfortable.

Yeayyy. Glad it helped. I did phone Westover Renault and tell them that Twizy#1(a friend) and Twizy#2 (mine) were delivered with super high pressures and they should check their demo vehicle but I don’t know if they followed it up

I will check mine next time I go to a petrol station (remember them?).
3.1 bar is probably the pressure Renault used to get the 60mile range :wink: lower pressures will undoubtably be less efficient but a lot more comfortable. The sensible option would be to replace the factory springs for softer ones, such as you might find in a G-wiz.

I am extremely interested in re-working the suspension and special springs and shocks would be essential. Since nobody really designs custom springs and shocks it normally means that they were used on another vehicle somewhere. Its a question of finding out where.

[size=4]Does anyone have access to the Renault Parts software so we can more easily identify the springs and shocks?[/size]

I volunteer for testing a softer set up. I vote for adjustable shocks (I used to race a Lotus on Competition Spax http://www.spax.co.uk/ ) and adjustable springs (at least for ride height) ) so we can return to go-kart handling when required!

I think the roll bar is a lot of the problem on the Twizy, it’s quit substantial for a small vehicle.
Probably worth taking it off and trying the car without just for interest sake.
Dont sue me if you crash though :slight_smile:

Roll bar may contribute to the spring rate but those shocks feel horrid. I was playing with the idea of taking them off and doing a test run which should tell us where to concentrate. Might be a challenge.