Tyre wear... time to change?


I think it is time to change the 2 rear tyres of my Twizy, especially the left one.I have covered 7178 miles since purchasing the Twizy in August 2014 (ex Renault demo with 740 miles).

The best price I have found so far is from MyTyres at 2 x rear 145/80 tyres for a total of £94.60 incl Delivery & VAT. Not bad but does anyone has recently purchased similar tyres at a better price maybe directly from Germany. I will try to survive the summer with the current ones until September / October but please let me know if you have recently found a better deal elsewhere.


Wow, I see that you drive it like a go cart :smiley: I guess I can expect the same the way I wizzzzz with the Twizzzz :wink: - are there any options on the type of tires? I know the stock ones are pretty hard sidewalled to minimize energy absorbtion. Just curious on what’s out there…

As @EricLafoy says look at MyTyres for prices and options at that size. Between 7000 and 8500miles appears to be the time the rear tyres need to be changed. Especially going into the winter.

Front end lasts a bit longer for tread but you soon notice the lack of grip and a lot of under steer when the fronts age.

I haven’t heard any reports of any other tyres than the standard Continental’s or though some Twizys came with Michelin’s as there was a shortage 2.5 years ago.

The price quoted is from the standard Continental fitted on new Twizys and I cannot found any other offers. I even tried in France but the prices are very similar.

The excitement of driving the Twizy the first few months probably caused the tyres to wear off quicker than necessary but there is a large roundabout on my daily commute to work that I tend to take at the limit coming down hill on a A road, I let the Twizy slow down near the roundabout and approach it at around 35 / 38 MPH. It is never very busy so no need to use the brakes and I use maximum regenerating from the motor… it squeaks and the reason the left tyre has probably worn out quicker than the other. And on dry days only otherwise I will end-up in the middle of the roundabout!!!

The front tyres are surprisingly good but they don’t stop the Twizy to under-steer when on wet tracks or and I am not sure if its only me but when a road has just been resurfaced the grip is very bad.

My Twizy rear tyres are getting close to needing replacement, I’ve just over 11500 miles in the clock.
Will be interested in the best tyre deals :smile:


The prices will be similar as Mytyres ships from country or origin (Germany for the Continentals). ie. don’t expect next day delivery.

It looks like the tyre is wearing more on the outside. I don’t know if the alignment is adjustable at the rear, if it is could benefit from a wheel alignment. As the tyre has gone past the raised block indicator which are normally 2mm I would be very careful, I find tyres don’t perform well once they get to about 3mm especially in rain.

Just ordered some rear winter tyres for my twizy £48.60 delivered from my tyres.cheapest summer tyre is just £21.im not bothered about original continentals .

£21.00 that’s a good price for a summer tyre compare to the Continental… What make is it?

GOTO mytyres.co.uk and look up manufacturer .type Renault. Then twizy .then select front or rear.there’s dozens of tyres for front and back.