Tyre wear

My Twizy has about 6K miles on the clock and my dealer recently advised me I need new tyres very soon, partcularly the offside front tyre, which is down to legal limit on the indsie of the tyre. I think they are overselling a bit, but also they are basing it on the 1.6mm legal limit for cars. The legal limit for the Twizy, a quadricycle, is 1mm, I think. I think I will hang on a bit longer.
However, both my front tyres are worn a lot more on the inside of the tyre, particularly the offside one. Has anyone suffer the same problem? Is it a tracking problem? Tyres shouldn’t wear out in 6K miles, partcularly in a car so light as a Twizy. And I don’t corner like a madman, I promise.

Interesting comment about the dealer. Last year after 12 months they said looking to change all the tyres. Sod that I said. This year they said you should start to think about it but they aren’t near the limits.

As seen on here, cheaper to buy off web and get fitted. I’ll change mine before the Winter and at around 7k.

I do drive round corners like a mad man and the tyres are wearing very evenly. Perhaps you need your Twizy checking.

Mines coming upto 8000 Miles and there is still loads of life left in the Tyres and I definitely dont spare the Electrons! :smiley:


The front and rear tracking is well out on mine, bet others are the same, the rear track is well out.

After a Few thousand miles in my Twizy it developed a slight steering wheel wobble at speed.
So I took it and had the wheels balanced.
Straight from the factory the wheels are not balanced and they have no balance weights fitted.
Because of this both front wheels were way out of balance so I had that corrected.
The guy told me not to bother with the rear wheels and it made a massive difference and the steering wobble disappeared :smiley:


Did they use the proper stick on weights or the clamp ons?

How did you have that corrected? Do you think that’s the reason mine have worn a lot more on the inside? My dealer said they can’t do the tracking. I don’t want to put new tyres on and find they do the same. Anyone has any suggestions.

Did they use the proper stick on weights or the clamp ons?

I think they were Clamp ons but don’t quote me!, I know that it completely cured my wobbles :slight_smile:
Strange that Renault don’t balance the wheels at the factory…


I’m assuming you’ve got alloys-if you’ve got steels, the clamp-on type are fine.

You’ll spot the clamp ons if they are hammered on to the rims-if they are on your alloys (eek!), give the area a damn good cleaning and spot some touch up lacquer around them to stop them staining the wheels-if they have not damaged them whilst being fitted. Once removed, the lacquer can be removed with a cotton bud and thinners.

They should use stick on weight on alloys!

Did you cure the tracking? Kwik-Fit have the latest 4 way laser kit, but I was not sure if the Twizy would fit on the ramps as they may be too far apart?

Mine has done 7k now and the tyres are fine, I don’t believe anyone drives their Twizy any harder than me & my son :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you’ve got alloys

Sorry, I should have said I have the cheap Steel wheels :frowning:
Would love to get a set of the Renault Alloys for it, they look really smart :smiley:


Yes the alloys look nice but steels will not buckle as easily and they look far better in a few years.

It’s not so important on a light Twizy, but I hate alloys as they split and lose pressure instantly on a hard impact as opposed to bending and releasing pressure more slowly like steels do-one reason many emergency service vehicles delete alloys as an option as the steels are safer.

They can’t be telling the truth, say you needed a new track rod end on the rear? The rubber had split or something, they would have to fit and check/adjust the tracking.

I have just purchased 2 rear tyres ready for the winter. Cost for the pair delivered from Mytyres:-
[FONT=Segoe UI](Thanks Mender for the link)
[FONT=Segoe UI][FONT=Calibri]Invoice date: 28.08.2014
Items ordered:

Item No.: R-215965
Item: Continental Conti.eContact 145/80 R13 75M BSW (Su)
Quantity: 2
unit price net: 33.25 GBP (39.90 GBP brutto)

Total amount net: 66.50 GBP
Transport and delivery costs net: 0.00 GBP

Total amount net: 66.50 GBP
20 % VAT 13.30 GBP

Total sum: 79.80 GBP [/FONT]

So a pair fitted for less £100. Sounds good to me.
They come direct from Germany so don’t expect next day delivery. I hadn’t realised there was such a big difference in tread depth. Although mine are still fine at 7k miles I will want better ones if we get a snowy winter again.

mytyres are very good-I’ve just bought 4 quality winter tyres for the MPV for £215 delivered.
£66.50 delivered is a good price, I pay £10ea to have mine fitted and balanced.

My Twizy is going in next week to the dealer to sort out the tracking. As you can see from the photos the inside of the offside front tyre is totally bald and the nearside one is not so bad but more worn on the inside. This is after 6K miles.
I have already got new tyres but I am not going to put them on until the tracking is sorted. The dealer has more or less told me they can’t do the tracking. I have told them they just have to contact Renault’s technical department and get advice then. If they can’t sort it out, who can? I have already been told by two tyre retailers that they can’t do it. Has anyone experienced the same problem? And how did you get it sorted. Thanks.

I think it is down to the fitted type of laser or manual alignment kit they use, as it is usually set up for cars or bigger and Twizy is too narrow.

Contact the nearest 4 wheel alignment specialist who can deal with kit cars etc, only thing is they will be able to read it and tell you what it what, but will not have the correct toe in/out and camber info they will need, that will have to come from Renault.

As this is a crucial part of running a Twizy, tell Renault that if they cannot adjust it or provide details of someone who can do it and the figures needed that the vehicle is not roadworthy and they are liable. If all else fails, take it there and leave it with instruction to fix it and that if it cannot be done then it is not fit for purpose and you intend to pursue it legally.

There may be an easy fix, but Renault should know what to do in the first instance or they should not offer it for sale.

Thanks for the advice. I think Renault UK can probably do the tracking, but the dealer said they haven’t got the facility, understandable, because for normal cars they normally sub contract it out to tyre retailers. But the Twizy is different and normal tyre retailers do not seem to be able to do it too.
If I don’t have any joy with the dealer, I think I will take it a local firm BDM (as mentioned in another thread), which is a motor racing outfit. They have specialized equipment and they just happen to have a Twizy!! The only other one I have seen on the road so far.

My Twizy’s tracking has been sorted. Apparently it was way out at the front and slightly off at the back. That will explain the uneven wear.
My dealer couldn’t do the tracking themselves but they found a local specialist who did. It costs £30 for the front and back tracking which I thought was very resaonable.

Good result, could you post the specialist or dealer’s details for reference?