Tyres not available from Renault

Hi all, a friend of mine who also owns a Twizy but is not on here has been told by Renault that he needs new tyres, except they are out of stock and cannot get hold of any.

He cannot find them at local tyre places either.

Does anyone have any suggestions for where you can locate them at all?


Is he looking for a specific brand or type? The Twizy does not require special tyres, any tyre with the right dimensions will work. Front is 125/80R13, rear 145/80R13.

Wider will also work, I have 145/70R13 for the front and 165/70R13 for rear. Looks better, more comfort but slightly lower range.
Nexen N’Blue HD Plus is a very affordable tyre for the Twizy.




I have none Continentals on the rear but my local Type place (Just Tyres) had no problem finding a front a few weeks ago for next day fitting and they were as cheap as buying off the web and getting fitted.

Mytyres is the web site I used in the past.

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This is a subject I recently researched myself. It appears that the original tyres from Continental are getting harder to find, especially the 145s for the rear of the Twizy. Some places are asking over £60 per tyre. The cheapest 125 80 R13 Continentals for the front that I found are from mytyres.co.uk

For the rears, if I was buying now, I would fit Hankook as they are a premium tyre, like Continental but at a more affordable price. I found these on eBay

I realise this information, is only of use if you are in the UK.


Thanks for the insight guys and appreciate the quick responses

The last Continetal fronts I got were from MyTryes:-
Item: Continental Conti eContact 125/80 R13 65M Summer tyres BSW
Amount: 2
Price: £ 39.60
less RDUKCW25: 5.0 %
Total VAT included: £79.20

Total Amount: £75.24

The rears came from ALL TYRES 365 and were :slight_smile:

Uniroyal RainExpert 3 145/80R13 75T 2 26.55 £ 53.10 £
Sub Total 63.19 £

incl. VAT, 19%

(10.09 £|

Rears lasting better despite the throwing round corners.

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last winter I had problems to get right winter tires. I got Continentals then, for the front, and Uniroyal for the rear

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I got a pair of Continentals for the front wheels the other day, £43 each, delivered! Well chuffed at that. The local tyre shop were quoting 78 quid each!!!

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Ordered rear tyres recently, Nexen N’Blue HD Plus 165/70R13
61,18 Euro (£54) two tyres, delivered.

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Dont buy the eConti tyres. They are crap in my opinion. They understeer on the front and wear out extremely fast on the rear. Anything else will be better and whether you use 125 or i.e. 135 on the front does not change the range significantly.

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