I am thinking about getting a ForTwo EQ and the car I looked at in the Smart Leeds showroom at the weekend comes with Conti.e.Contact tyres, that are designed for electric vehicles.

Previously we had a Toyota Urban Cruiser and only after we bought it did we find it ran on an unusual type of tyre, normally designed for light vans, and so getting replacements was both more complex and costly. As such when looking a cars since then I always check to see how easy replacements are to source.

I have checked QuickFit, where I normally get tyres, and they don’t stock the Conti.e.Contact tyre.

Are these tyres fitted at standard to all EQ vehicles and if so do people stick with these, if replacements are needed, or change to other tyres? I assume it would be possible to fit a more traditional type of tyre of the same size, but I don’t know what sort of impact this would have in terms of efficiency/range.

The same goes for the Twizy by they are available on line and then get some local firm to fit.

MyTyres do Conti.e.Contact. But there are overs. It does work out cheaper.

Thanks. So general advice is to stick with original OEM tyres.

I have not had a problem not fixable with can of foam in any car I have had, so not a massive issue, but always the risk of this happening and if so getting suitable replacement will be harder.

As you say a planned replacement due to ware is easier to manage.

If I remember rightly, EV tyres are about lightness more than anything else (they don’t weigh as much as standard tyres). So replacing them with different tyres of the same size would just decrease your car’s efficiency. I wouldn’t expect it to affect grip or anything like that.

Any decent tyre sales place should be able to order them for you without any problem - especially independent shops. I was able to get my local tyre shop to order Continental winter tyres (which Smart specify) without any problems whatsoever. It’s not yet become time to replace the factory-fitted summer tyres (15,000 miles in).

Thanks for the insight.