UK Battery Hire

Just purchased my Twizzy. Collect it from the previous owner tomorrow.

What do I need to do re- battery hire?

The previous owner will need you to sign some transfer forms, else they will have to keep paying for it even if they no longer have the Twizy or battery!

Yes I filled in the paperwork the other week they emailed me the contract last week which you read and sign £45 per month for 4500 miles per year


Sorted. Thank you very much guys. Very helpful.

I’ve now done over 500 miles in just 2 weeks. Gonna go over my 9000 per annum limit!!

Wow, that’s some going.
You’ll probably find you will do less in the winter. Enjoy it while the weather is nice.

I use it for work every day, a round trip of 24 miles, then use the remaining charge to do deliveries for my local Indian takeaway. When the charge runs out, I jump into the smart car. I just keep my 3.2 litre mercedes for the weekends!! I drive buses during the day!! All good for a giggle!!

I’ve always thought the Twizy is perfect for local takeaway deliveries. Only thing is in the winter you will need a good insulated box to keep the food warm.

You sure would. At the moment, I have a couple of plastic stacking storage boxes, which are a perfect fit for the rear seat. Works well!!