UK testimonials of EV charging experience needed


I am Pilgrim Beart, the co-founder and CEO of DevicePilot, the Service Monitoring platform for connected devices.

We are planning to engage with local councils in order to try and improve the charging experience for EV drivers – both the quantity and the quality of EV charging points – thereby hopefully seeing an increase in the number of charging points on the road and an uptick in people buying EVs.

As part of this, we would love some testimonials from the UK’s early adopters and end users – you. Do you often find vehicles ‘blocking’ charging points? Is your local bank of charging points always full? Do you regularly come across charging points that aren’t working, and are these faults widespread? These are but some of the problems EV drivers regularly encounter. We would love to hear from you about your own experiences of charging your car whilst out and about.

Ideally posts should be roughly between 50-100 words and focus on your own personal experience of charging your EV when not at home. All comments will be anonymised, and we will probably end up choosing a handful for the final write-up. Please note, you must be happy for your anonymised comment to be published in the UK media.


Pilgrim and the DevicePilot team