UK to Genoa

Hi Guys,

I will be driving a Zoe from Portsmouth down to Genoa in Italy.

Is there a good site that will let me plot a route that takes me from one free charging point to another?

Since I will be travelling through three (maybe four if I hit Switzerland) different countries, I would like to avoid the need for RFID cards. No time to get them…

Wow! That’s quite a trip. Not one I would like to take in an EV, having to stop every <100 miles or so for a long recharge, ie if the infrastructure is there.
Good luck and enjoy. Let us know how you got on.

Having Driven the Zoe, I would feel more confident doing it in that than a Leaf.

Things like this mean it’s still possible to be a motoring pioneer in 2014

Great plan-I wonder how easy it will be to charge across the different countries? I guess you’ll be able to charge at your hotels by arrangement?

if u take holland into your route, u can charge at my place. it’s 230V 16A… not much - but its juice. I’m a little south-east of Rotterdam

Sounds really good when you are traveling with the tiny ride, well to be honest i had this mindset of going for some long tour on it, i recently used [FONT=arial]bus tickets from charlotte to new york [/FONT]and they have provided me a lot of luxuries but at the same time own vehicle has a different taste the way it goes.