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UK Twizy Windows

Found some more windows for the Twizy, this time designed, manufactured and sold in Britain. http://www.twizywindows.co.uk

Iam sure these will be popular, however, I wouldn’t have them, I think it would spoil the Twizy concept if it had windows.
Also,how do you get to he door handle ?

I too was against the idea of windows on my Twizy, but I drove it at 5.30am the other day and my god was it cold. I couldn’t stop shivering, and you shouldn’t underestimate the the impact of wind chill. It was on this morning that I kind of just accepted that I will need windows in the winter months, when it’s still dark as I’m on my way to work. Either that or get the train.

I am sure you are right, my motorcycle has heated grips, and the heat from the engine gives you a little warmth.
InmAutocar they commented on how cold the Nissan Leaf was in the winter, and how you had to use the heating a lot.
I guess you underestimate how much heat comes from a combustion engine in a normal car.
I am not worried, as I have at least 5 cars at either end of my journey, so the Twizy can be left alone in nasty weather.
I do quite like driving it in the rain though, and I am looking forward to a bit of drifting in the snow:D
I bet the skinny tyres will make it quite good in snow.

I’m still looking at which way to go.
My Motor Bike Coat, and hat looks best option. There is less wind chill in the Twizy than the Motorbike, not sure the engine on my 250cc on a short journey makes any difference to keeping warm.

What I didn’t like about the UK version as the need to stick Velcro to the car just to get them to stay in place at speed. My thoughts where on similar lines - no body work attachments or holes and to make them lockable. I will have to experiment after my hols. Too many projects and work gets in the way. :lol:

We have some experience driving an open electric dune buggy throughout last winter. Wind chill, even at 20mph, was serious! The answer, for us, was full Edwardian motoring/WWI Royal Flying Core kit. A long coat, gauntlet gloves, and a proper fur+leather “Biggles” helmet - at least in the Twizy we won’t need the ski goggles! I’m therefore more interested in finding out the effect on battery range. Our lithium battery electric bikes lose about 25% of effective capacity in the coldest snaps.

All the window soultions out seem to be full windows, not that there’s any room for the window to wind down, but what about the concept used in the 2CV, where the window was hinged and folded on itself.
Any thoughts?

This would require a top frame to attach the top half to when shut. The window would have to fold outside if full length. The hinge line may affect vision i out the side. Still not impossible. A bit like the Twizy windows based on a frame and then zipped in windows that can be partly opened.

Good to see a different solution not my cup of tea from a quick view whilst at work but its good to see more and more options coming out :cool:

I think the “The answer, for us, was full Edwardian motoring/WWI Royal Flying Core kit” has to be my favourite so far :lol: please send us photos when the time comes

There you go. You may have to click on it to see the kit in all its glory. And it’s just as warm when you get out! :slight_smile:

Quality! Great photo :slight_smile:

Hi James, Thanks for the mention. I’m Andy the Twizy owner who owns www.twizywindows.co.uk which was born out of necessity given the crap Scottish summer we’ve had since i got my Twizy in May. The windows have been on my car at least 50% of the time in the last month. There is no doubt about it the best experience driving the Twizy is “wind in the hair” but with our apalling Scottish weather I knew sooner or later I needed windows for most of the year. They were also part designed to stop folk messing about with my Twizy when left unattended and they’ve worked a treat. So if anyone has any questions please about using them dont hesitate to drop me a line. Cheers.

Is there any chance of a new video of the new windows? Perhaps one documenting the fitting, use and noise levels?

The ones you’ve got so far I believe show the older version, so I’d like to see the new ones before committing.



Hi Nikki. yes I will try and update the videos on YouTube etc shortly so it features the latest design for you ( hefty showers here again today so windows back on ) !



Folks jut to let you know as requested I’ve updated and added a couple of new videos to www.twizywindows.co.uk showing the latest version and fitments on the shell plus driving with them at full speed in the wet so you get a better idea how they look and work. I should also get a mention in Auto Express next week so hoping that may catch the attention of the other 200 plus drivers in the UK yet to join the forum !


How do you get in having left the car somewhere, do you just bend the windows to get to the handle ?

Ah, just watched the new vid, see you have a triangular hole at the front .

Saw these on Amazon at a pretty price! :o

On e-bay at the moment:

You would think that a Renault dealer would spell Twizy correctly…actually, no!

Good info-these are cheaper than I have seen anywhere else. Shame about the gaping hole at the rear by the door lock…!

Alternative windows, look quite good-there is a link to where you can buy in comments underneath video; new manufacturer also to offer heating, reversing camera and gps.