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UK Twizy Windows?

Does anyone use the UK Twizy Windows at all , looks like a new version was made of late Twizy Windows

I don’t like the flapping on the official ones I have and these look a tighter fit, but thought I would check if anyone has them and thinks they are worthwhile?

I park at a station every day so need to reach for the ticket, so not sure if that is practical with these but I suppose I can always just lift the door


I use the Twizy Windows and they feel quite solid. They slam a bit over big bumps in the road, but overall well worth the price. No flapping compared to the OEM Renault windows and makes the ride quiteter than OEM and without windows. Reaching for tickets is a bit of a struggle but it’s possible to reach from the opening next to the mirror. However, if you open the door in a garage, be aware that the doors gets really tall with the windows = Watch out for the ceiling!

Hi Paul,

I would have loved a set of Twizy Windows with the Marguard protection but I really needed them to be lockable, so I paid more to get a different set for the added security.

I recently bought some windows from Italy called “Twy Rain” which are pretty much the same as the Twizy Windows ones except that they have a sliding hatch that can be opened & closed and the whole window (effectively the door) is lockable with a key. They are installed and work the same way as Twizy Windows but the hatch is perfect for ticket barriers and for controlling the amount of air coming in / talking to people outside. The downsides are they do scratch easily and they are the most expensive ones weighing in at a not insignificant 540 Euros !! (delivered) which, when converted, was approx £60 more than the standard Twizy Windows ones.

Here’s the link:

I’m happy to take some photos if you like.


thanks for sharing - I might take a look but your right they are not cheap!

Just FYI I have the twy rain Windows from Italy, yet to be fitted owing to a door/ hinge that is to far out from the body!

There is a seller on eBay who does best offer and you can pick them up for £365 delivered, maybe even cheaper as I started too low and was on my last offer so had to make it sensible!

From what I have seen on the twy rain they seem very well made and can’t wait to get them on!

Thanks Dave

This thread is pretty old - is this still best advise on Twizy windows?

Pretty much the Korean Renault windows are the best.