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Unbeatable Deal?

I was in a dealership recently and given a ‘tempting’ offer for an EV. It was for a C0 brand new, 0 miles, unregistered for £13,000. There was no battery lease, so I asked once the 5 year warranty expired what could I do to stay on the road? After a bit of head-scratching, they suggested I’d probably have to buy one.

Fine I said, can you get me the price from Parts? They came back in 10 minutes. A replacement battery pack for the C0 (and probably Ion) was £17,850 plus VAT and fitting!

Since insurance will not cover the pack - my suggested car purchase was an instant £4,000 loss for the supplier on the cost of a new battery. There were no suggestions other than ‘the price might fall’. !

Those tempted to join the EV party should note this - as you will be left with a nice car and negative equity from the start.

The answer with a Citroen C Zero would be to nail the battery at 4 years 6 months and get a replacement which would hopefully last another 5-odd years.

If you then calculate scrap/end value being £1000 after 10 years it would cost just £100 per month (plus interest costs) over its lifespan, plus electricity and servicing cost-cheaper than a Twizy for a 4 seat weatherproof car.

If you live in London, the saving in congestion charge would pay for this alone! Then add in free parking and charging…

If you have the cash and can cash in on the benefits of an EV, this really is a no-brainer-great value.
Even if you scrapped it the end of five years (value approx £2000) it will only cost you £183 per month (plus interest)-which is what a lot of Twizy owners will be paying for finance and BH! In reality, you would make sure it was running a decent battery at the end of 5 years, so the least life would be 7+ years (£130 pm).

With used C Zeros around £9k already, in time it would be possible to buy a tatty/damaged used C-Zero/Peugeot Ion/Mitsubishi I-Miev and swap out the battery-you’d never pay £17K+ to replace the battery.
To buy a used C-Zero then sell the rest for salvage would give a battery cost of around £3-5k-so not much different to five years of BH.

BARGAIN :cool:

I guess this is some thing a saddest part of the stories. no doubt it is quite difficult to make the proper maintenance of your car either it is EV or its simple traditional petrol/diesel car. but as we are moving towards the latest technology we are moving towards highly customized car. which is affecting lot to the consumer’s pocket. In Ev car system replacement of batteries is much higher as then the other traditional one.