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Under the beast

As some of you may know, I’ve been looking at ways to upgrade my twizy to include Mode 2 charging and remote charging capabilities with the open vehicle monitoring system.

So I got underneath it last weekend and had a little look at the charger and power inlets.

Here’s what I found:

  1. The mains cable looks like it can easily be replaced, especially good for those wanting to move countries.

  2. The on board charger is rated at 16amps, meaning it could give Twizy faster charging if only we could figure out HOW to reprogram it.

  3. Provided I can find the correct connector, I should be able to build a prototype timing system for overnight charging!



You really did get stuck in. Thanks for posting the pictures and all your work on this.


Thanks Chris,

At the moment, I’ve got a few things I’m working on.

  1. Get that APEX 280 plug which connects the curly power cord to the car

  2. Get a replacement inlet – a type 2 I think, complete with a plug on it.

  3. Get a relay integrated in a replacement cable/Inlet. This would then be controlled by OVMS to give me timed charging. (I hope!)


Anyone want to know more about the APEX 280 plug then see this PDF. You may need to page 9 onwards.

Shows lots of these connectors on a Renault Fluence. Very clever connector which locks on.

http://www.ies-synergy.com/en/chargers/onboard-sealed-chargers That’s the manufacturer of the charger and some of their similar units I’m wondering if it’s one bespoke to the Twizy made by them as none of the power figures match their standard units. The Twizy will peak charge at 3kW, On that basis the standard charger should do the job in minutes over 2 hrs. I’m wondering what the bottle neck is on the charging, but I’ve just ordered my ovms and will get some clues from that. I suspect it’s on the battery management and conditioning where things are held up. I find the charge rates on my Twizy annoying when I watch it sup 35watts and want 3kW to be heading in there cause I want to turn around fast.

Thanks for the Pics Nikki, I’ve been trying to find that label on the charger to confirm what model it was. BTW I love the “Flintstones” mode without the floor, I could have used that last week when my charger packed up. :slight_smile: I’ll be building up some notes on the TwizyTech FB page. So far I only abbreviated the handbook to 2 pages, But it won’t be long till mine ends up in bits out of curiosity… :slight_smile: I’ve had it 3 weeks and Renault had it back for one of them. :confused: I’ve done small EV development in the past… Motorbikes and Scooters. Basic principals are the same as the Twizy. M

Hello Nikki. I am new here but I see already that your work is awesome. That kind of photos helps a lot for everyone. Succeses with all.