Underenath a Twizy

A friend who got the first one in Hampshire (back in May last year; I got the second one) has a poorly Twizy. I thought you might like to see it stripped down. Renault are being really helpful so that is a good sign.

Wow, Looks serious!
What’s wrong with the Twizy?


I’m asking him the same question. It just stopped. As in battery good, everything normal but it stopped working. Major failure of something. Watch this space. Must have been pretty major component to take the motor out.

Are these photos from a main Renault garage? Obviously the Twizy comes with the 4+ package so things like this are all covered under warranty. I hope he isn’t trying to fix it himself!

Westover Renault in Poole. Loads of excitement from the workshop as they get to work on a Twizy and help from Service to sort the issue out. 4+ apparently collected within the hour so all goes well for Renault Support.

That’s good to know! I wonder if they’ll be able to fix the problem or if he’ll end up getting a new one??

I have emailed him for an update and told him to join this forum!!!

Thanks for posting the photos-it is good to get an insight and see the inner workings :cool:

I wonder if there is enough room in there to drop in a motor from a Zoe?

You might get the motor in but you wont get the battery to fit hehehe

In all seriousness though, I wonder how upgradeable the Twizy is in terms of battery and motor?

Probably wouldn’t be too difficult but then I’m not a mechanic or electrician. Anyone offer some insight? Are there better electric motors on the market that are the same size? Are there better capacity batteries available?

Lots of better capacity batteries on Boeing Dreamliners, advantage is they keep you warm.:o

Nice one Os. Is that what the flashing battery icon on the dash is for?