Underwater submarine Twizy... How deep can it go!

First time my Twizy had to experience flooding. My phone was setup high and above the wipers so the video is not perfect.

It is a notorious spot for flash flooding and the road is usually blocked until they remove the water but as the main road in the town was already closed they had to leave it open. It happened a couple of weeks ago going to work in the morning. It was deep especially under the railway bridge.

As I approached the bridge the Twizy slowed down and I thought… that’s it I am cooked for good but it was the amount of water that slowed the Twizy down so I just pushed the accelerator.

I had water coming inside the cockpit from the bottom of the doors and you can clearly see the water coming up the front of the windscreen as I drive across the water…

A real frill, just wished I had more camera’s outside the Twizy. We both survived

See the Youtube video below link…

And it still recharges?: Brave man.

Yes it still working and charging. I was more worried about the 12 V battery than the big one under my seat.

scary to watch that!!

I reckon you were lucky :grimacing:

i know he is lucky the meadowhall twizy is scrap because of driving through a flood it didnt happen straight away took a few weeks to fail the insurance are playing up because they say the flood could have been avoided. its in renault sheffield or was end of last year

I thought the charger was low down (under the floor) as it gets stones stuck in the fan occasionally. If that is right then yours will have been submerged and at some point will fail earlier than expected.

I had no worries over the 12V battery getting submerged for a few minutes but not the charger.

So far you have been very lucky.

It happened on Monday the 11th of January so just over 2 weeks now and I have been charging almost everyday. I will keep you posted if a charge fault develops in the next few weeks or months… I hope not.

I agree - I would avoid that level of water like the plague in an EV

Brave man!

AWESOME. Very brave indeed.

I bet everyone was thinking ‘oh dear’

Us included?? !!!