Unified Facebook market place

Language barriers and multiple forums existence makes parts search and sale limited.

I opened a Twizy sale group on Facebook for global trade.
I guess ist just more of a Europe thing but there are a few out there in Canada and Colombia that could benefit as well

Join us for broader selling and share your selling posts from here as well


The biggest issue with that is it is Facebook. I and several people I know avoid Facebook.

I agree
I avoid it to… Personally… That’s why I am not in there with real name or photos.
But the bloody thing is a very good alive source for updates of interests.

Neither Jayne or I do it and I know plenty of others that avoid it Dave a friend got robbed because of it they knew his house was empty

Yes, plenty of stories from robberies via Internet info.
Even through Craigslist, which is a simple classifieds site.

The interest is a blessing and a deamon. Got to use with caution.

Like the early years of electricity for example… Many people got killed by it… Several people still die today. Not a reason to have a powerless home. Where would we charge our twizys? :stuck_out_tongue:

A proper classifieds section will be coming soon. Watch this space.