Upgrading the Twizy, OVMS (once again)?

Ive had the twizy for quite a now, and was really considering upgrading it. But I need it to be cheap, Kenneth his powerbox is sadly out of my price range so i started looking at OVMS, my question is, do yu really need the gps and the sim card and all those thing or can I can i just buy the unit and the cable to plug it in and use it locally, I don’t need to have the other features such as remote monitoring and stuff, or is there a different solution to just bring the twizy top speed a bit higher. It is about a twizy 45 btw

Hi @Thom, the powerbox really is an investment in my eyes, I think I was the first to take the punt and get it, from what I remember it was a few hundred pounds but really does transform the car. If you break it down into saving up for it would it be an option?

I’d go for the OVMS, but you don’t even have to buy it. You can tweak your settings (power, torque, speed, recup,…) and the modification is permanent until you reprogram them again. I personally have an OVMS box and have done the modifications for several friends, and I even know that there’s someone here in Spain charging a good amount of money for that. I personally disagree with this practice, more so since I introduced OVMS to this chap. Unfortunatelly I’m from Spain, so you won’t get mine. :frowning:

Even when you can just ask someone to do it for you, I consider owning one is a good thing, as you can tweak or reset your Twizy to original values at any time. Also OVMS sends you (per SMS or mobile data) a report on every trip, where you can see the SoC status before and after the trip, the distance travelled, average consumption (even split in climbing, level o going down),… You can also monitor the cell temperatures, voltages,… with your mobile phone.

I’ve never tried it, but you can even define 3 different power settings and switch to them on the fly if you have the OVMS connected.

The price is more than fair, I think, and the fact that it is open source and all the work that people have invested in it is worth it.

Also, if you later change to another EV, there are chances that the OVMS will be usefull for you too, as it can be used to monitor and even activate some functions such as AC on several other cars, like Tesla Roadster, Leaf, Volt/Ampera, Soul,… You only have to put the right firmware on it. (some cars are better supported than others).

The only drawback I see is that if you leave it plugged and go away for a few days it drains you auxiliary battery. If you use your twizy often, as I did, there is no such problem.

Maybe another problem is that you have to be a little versed in computing for burning/updating the firmware. If you buy the OVMS for your twizy don’t forget to also buy the PICKIT programmer.

I highly rate the OVMS @Thom.

The gps is not necessary. But you will need a sim for changing the settings and registering on the server.

There is a work around to avoid another SIM card contract. You will need to have access to two sims, one to put in the OVMS and one in a mobile phone to communicate your setting changes to the OVMS unit.

If you have a mobile phone (you will need to be able to convert the sim to a standard sim size), you can register this as on the OVMS server. Once you have installed the firmware (via pickit as @mmezo notes), place your mobile’s sim in the OVMS. Using a friend’s, partner’s, brother’s, mother’s or any other mobile, you can send SMS messages to your mobile number whilst it is in the OVMS. Once settings are complete and confirmed as installed, you will be able to take your sim out of the OVMS and put back in your phone. The OVMS will remember your settings. It sometimes forgets the settings for your first journey after recharging the car. But the settings will return on your next drive.

@mmezo is correct that your 12volt battery will drain within two days if you do not use the Twiz and leave the OVMS connected. The way around this is to unplug the OVMS. The OVMS programs the sevcon controller via SMS messages, the controller remembers your programming. There is no need to continually keep the OVMS connected unless you want to use the features mentioned by mmezo or you want to change the settings.

I have had an OVMS working in this manner for over a year now with no problems.

I hope this helps.