Used Twizy link

Hi guys, does anyone have a link for used Twizy and what would a used Twizy go for without a battery lease? Any information would be helpful.

I made my own battery and it is 300Ah with 63v max…there is a lot of twizy in Poland. Lets talk on PM

Sounds very interesting! I would be interested in buying batteries or plans.

Out of interest, how much would people be typically willing to spend above the average market price for a Twizy without a battery rental contract in place?

I have bougt one with battery and leasing is ower. Paid 4500Eur. But it is from rental company. Means lots small scraches and breaks, not in the perfect condition. But only 14k km.

Hi Daniel

When creating your own pack, did it have to modify the car electric system by replacing charger and dash etc, or did you just simply change the cells for higher capacity cells within the original Renault pack?

Hi Arim

Welcome. It seems that even though most of the world is in lockdown, since the sun has come out so have the twizys!
That sounds very interesting, and a reasonable price. Which country did you buy yours in?


If Your BMS will have the original CAN communication there is no necessity to change electric connections at all (one important is a ground signal in battery communication plug which is cutted originally by Renault in the harness - probably that this was mistake and loop on the ground signal so they cut it)

So be careful on the ground in your new bms.

The distance displayed by dash is learned so on the beginning You will have the same as on original battery. It takes 3 cycles to learn new distance prediction.

Charger is most critical component…If you change charger there will be a lot of additional workload…eg airbag sense comes from charger…so I suggest to keep all electric wiring as is and if charge time will be too long add second charger to have 3kW in total (16A single phase 230VAC)

Hi. I can help but i have very limited time