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Used Twizy

Unlike a typical car I dont see the Twizy suffering the effect of use and abuse commonly associated with used cars.

Ragged engines, no maintenance and lack of love dont seem to be something this car would suffer from.

This is why im determined to buy my twizy used.

So far there arent too many used ones but looking online at autotrader you can get one without doors for £5700

This is great for me as im looking as a second car and I dont really have the budget for it (its my grown up toy).

My question is has anyone on here seen any used examples not found on autotrader or at a lower price than £5700.

I have the feeling I will likely pick up an early dealer example next year for what i hope to be 5k, fingers crossed.

saw this gem of a picture lol, wonder how they plan to give £500 worth of free fuel? Il take £500 off the asking please :smiley:

Great idea! At the current average tariff, £500 of mains electricity is around 3500kWh. If you can get an average of, say, 6 miles to the kWh, that’s 21,000 miles of Twizy motoring, or over 4 years worth for most owners. An excellent offer. Even better on Economy 7.

Well spotted :wink:

As predicted there are some deals about now-if they honour the £500, this would be a great deal compared to new.
There is a black Technic ex-demo with doors on Auto-trader now, 1000 miles at £6495.

If anyone’s interested, there’s a smart looking Colour with doors and windows on ebay, finishing 6th Jul 1529hrs, currently at £3200 reserve met


Removed or ended early less than an hour after your posting.

It was also on Auto Trader for £4300, guess someone turned up with the right money.

It seems to be the best way to sell a Twizy, list on both Ebay and AT, Ebay then gives it a buzz from number of watchers and/or bids, so buyer feels confident to buy it during or at end of auction.

I’d certainly run one through like that if the dealer p-ex was not enough.

Nice to see strong interest in the private market :cool:

i am pondering on selling mine(kids will never talk to me again) to put the cash towards a T5, message me if you are seriously interested. Graham.

Worth doing a full ad with a small donation to site as per house rules?

I sold mine on here and it worked very well.

Point taken Mender, not going to place a full ad due to not being sure I want to sell, if the right person comes along with the right price then I may otherwise it will be a keeper as it’s so cheap to run. I kind of think I Would miss it if it were to go however if I did get a sale through here I will make a donation as this site has been a great source of information over the last couple of years.
Cheers, Gray.

Like the graphics, looks good!

Good luck with whatever you decide.