Useless Velcro on windows

Seeing how winter is coming, windows are a must for my daily 40km commute to and fro work. I bought le Twiz with lexan qindows; I believe they are the UK TwizyWindows kind (black female velcro around the edges, hole for mirror adjustments/painful drafts). In addition to the three fastening screws there is a piece of female 3M Velcro in the top corner to fasten it to a male Velcro piece stuck on the inside of the ceiling.

The problem is that the Velcro 1) Becomes near useless when wet, 2) Tears apart/loosens at medium to high speeds when side winds/cabin pressure (yeah…) becomes a thing. Suddenly there will be a rrrrripp/swoosh sound and the window flaps outwards while driving. In short I am now afraid to drive the whole thing, seeing how weather conditions make these problems an everyday thing.

Do any of you guys have a suggestion on how to fix this? Have anyone experienced anything similar?

Hopefully I’ll get to post some pics in a few days. Unless someone comes up with a great and easy fix…


I have those windows to, and i have to replace the velcro 3-4 times a year.
I have also cut plexiglass and fastned it with velcro on the inner side of the mirror holes.
It is now much better in the winter.


I have windows on my Twizy, but a different kind than yours. I use magnets to keep the windows closed, so maybe you should try that as well.