Using a Twizy for a commute. Realistic all year range

My commute is 24 miles (12 miles each way).

The majority of that is a 60mph dual carriageway (I know the Twizy can only do 50).

Is this a realistic commute in a Twizy?

I’m looking at buying second hand circa 2012 model.

Any advice appreciated.

I would say if you travel most of your way at the Twizy’s top speed, ie 50mph, in the winter with adverse conditions, your range of 24 miles can be borderline. If you are prepared to slow down a bit, like doing 40mph, then it’s no problems.
Commuting in the winter in a Twizy is no fun. It can be cold and wet even with windows and doors. In the summer it’s a different story, although your type of journey, dual carriageway, doesn’t show the Twizy in the best light.
If you choose the Twizy for commuting for economic reasons, I would say think again. With the monthly battery rental fee and relatively high insurance premium, an eco box ICE would save you more money, although certainly not so much fun and satisfaction.

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Thanks. Maybe a summer only vehicle. Can you suspend the battery rental costs when not in use over winter?

Afaik, No.

My wife uses our Twizy to commute 23 miles round trip each day and has done so every day since June this year, including today, in the fog and very cold here. A full charge now only shows 40miles range, as opposed to the 48-52 miles in the summer. It typically reads 20 miles remaining when she gets home. Roads are open and I guess speeds vary from 30-50mph in the main. If the dual carriageway was relatively quiet then I’d certainly consider the trip in the Twizy (45-50mph might feel just about safe enough), and on our experience I think you’d probably still have enough juice left to get home safely. Gotta be worth a go surely!

Mrs RINGA wraps like like Scott of the Antarctic and says it’s absolutely fine and doesn’t get wet in the rain unless another car splashes water though the opening above the door.

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Thanks. R1nga.

Appreciate the reply.

Think I’ll give it a go. Just need to find a good deal on one now.