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Using someone's electricity


I will be plugging the car into someone’s house, or course I want to pay them for it, is there some sort of socket that I can plug into a normal 3 pin plug to tell me how much I use in £?

I know British Gas do this 20 hour a day low tariff? I don’t know what a full charge will be and how it would work out?

They also do that free charging point for electric cars, but its not the Twizy type, what can I do please.


Thank you

I worked on about £1 for a full charge, but have never had to pay anyone yet as they are usually interested in the car and think to charge £1 is miserly.

If you are doing it regularly and want to set up an agreement, work out if you need a full charge each time or 50% and work it back from about £1 for a full charge.
Around a fiver per week will cover a single 50-70% top up per day.

Thank you for your prompt reply,

Yes I would have to do this. They are actually with British Gas, have you looked at the links above, do you know anything about that 20 hour, low rate?

There’s a few pointy heads (clever people :lol:) on here who could tell you-search the threads too-I’m too daft to work it out, apologies

Yes - Maplin do a socket with a display. You set the Kw rate and it shows you the cost of the amount drawn

The Twizy takes about 2.2kW when it’s charging, up to the last half hour or so, where it tails off. So an hour of charge uses at most 2.2 units of electricity, which from my supplier costs just over 35p. So as Mender says, you can reckon about £1 for a full 3 hour charge.