V10 Twizy

A good friend of mine just posted this video, so I thought some of you might like it. :slight_smile:


I think you missed the point. If you watch the Twizy is no faster, it is just sound effects that have been added.

This is the Twizy I mentioned in another thread a week or so ago. It’s the very first one I have come across on the road. BDM is a local firm, a racing outfit. In fact I might need their help to do the tracking on my Twizy. It’s going to the dealer next week for the tracking, but they have more or less said they probably can’t do it. I have tried a couple of tyre outlets, but they said they can’t do it either. One of them suggested BDM so I might have to give them a try.

Sorry, was to quick, my bad. :slight_smile:

I need the tracking doing on my Twizy, the only issue is that with most alignment kits , the wheel arches need to be removed. Obviously this is far too much hassle for Renault.
Mark at BDM is atop fella, and I know him well.