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V55/5 for imported Twizy

Hi all, new to the forum (and first time on any forum actually!). Have bought a Twizy in Spain and am bringing it back to the UK very soon. Trying to get ahead by partially filling in the V55/5 DVLA form. Stuck on a couple of points:

  1. Tax class? I’ve put down alternative fuel car
  2. Tax payable? I’ve put down ‘0’.
  3. Type of body? 2 door quadricycle?
  4. Engine number? I’ve looked in the manual but picture not very helpful - is there something I need to move/remove/jack up car to be able to see it?
    Any other tips for filling out the form much appreciated!
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Welcome! You’re doing something I was thinking of doing back when Twizy’s were battery rental only in the UK.

I’ve never had to do the paperwork for importing a car before (but I’m sure someone on here has).
I started reading up here:

Have you read form V355/5 and V255/1 for tax classes which is the guidance note on how to fill out the V55/5 form? I’ve just skim read them so it’s just my opinion.

Edit: I think it should say “Electrically Propelled Vehicle” not “Alternative Fuel Car” as the definitions for Alternative look like thet are for things like hybrids etc. Tax payable would be 0 as it’s electric. I would agree with “2 door Quadricycle” as a good description.
Engine number is located on the vehicle here:

And VIN number should be hidden under here:

I believe you might also need a Certificate of Confirmity from here:

Lastly, HMRC need to know via the NOVA registration process I believe. Tax doesn’t have to be taxing!


Couple of other useful tit-bits of info I’ve found so far on my geeky reading up on Twizys. Headlights appear to be universal and won’t need adjusting.

If the car is in KPH and you miss seeing MPH, hold the right hand window wiper function display button whilst turning on the ignition. It should then jump to MPH or KPH for you.


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U need a renault specialist to do the kmh to mph. Or that said a main dealer. Done through the obd unfortunately - that trick above doesnt work. Renault issue CoC needs the VIN and is minimum 6 week wait. Due to covid could be longer. Nova is easy for HMRC vat purposes. The sooner you can get the VIN and submit the COC to renault the better. After that 6 weeks it is another 6 week minimum for dvla to provide your reg plate :flushed:
And for first MOT make sure they know it doesnt need a fog!
Long journey but worth it. Spanish weather means rust free car :+1:

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Why does that not surprise me! Things in the online “live” manual for the Twizy that are wrong lol. Maybe they changed things on earlier or later versions?

They probably realised it was another way to cash in.
I dont know if something like Carly can do it. Those OBD programmers that can change certain settings.
I have a decent renault specialist within 5 miles - and it took him minutes to change…although he charged the whole hour :thinking:

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Thanks! was kind of hoping that after all the Spanish paperwork the UK-side would be easier :sob:

Hey thanks that was useful - although I’m looking and looking but cannot work out the position of the engine number :exploding_head: found the VIN under the steering wheel :+1:t2:. I read the guidelines for V55 completion and it doesn’t mention fully electric as coming under ‘alternative fuel car’, only hybrids. But then I didn’t see an electric category…

If you have done a vin check - like autodna - this has the engine details on it.

Hey, just reading through your post again. Why does it not need a fog light? And how do I convince the MoT people I don’t need one if they ask?!

None of them have fog lights. As a quadricycle it doesnt need one. The MOT station needs to appreciate it is a quad, something they can confirm with Renault if they dont accept wikipedia or renaults website as evidence!

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Nice, thanks. Fingers crossed they get it.