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value of second hand battery

I have a 2015 Twizy with 8000 miles on the clock. I have persuaded RCI to sell me the battery. They are asking £1750. In the leasing contract there is a formula for the compensatory amount C = (TR x 0.38 x UT)/ PH - 4
Can anyone tell me what this formula is supposed to mean, and when it is valid. Can it be used as a way of determining the value of the battery?
What is anyone’s opinion of the asking price? Thanks for any comments.

£1750 has been reported on the forum as the standard price for a 5 year old twizy battery pack, 8 year old packs are £800, guess 10 year old battery pack will be free :rofl:

Thanks. so I should agree I guess.

phone them up and challenge it , you could get it cheaper :grin:

In the contract there is a full breakdown of what that formula means, but it is only applicable if you default on payments or the car is written off with outstanding debt on the battery.
When it comes to selling you the battery direct, Rci can choose the value.

But surely it can be see as an indication of what RCI considers to be the value of the battery. If the battery becomes worthless, for example as a result of an accident, RCI presumably want to recover it’s full value to them. Why then should this figure be wildly different from the figure they quote when you want to buy the battery?

RCI never planned to allow owners to buy the battery pack thus this formula was born and the full value of the battery pack would always be claimed in the case of total loss.

After eight years and numerous owners not paying the pack rental they have decided to sell the battery outright.

I know of a couple of Zoe owners who haven’t paid for years yet the DD is active for RCI. :grin: