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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts


Has anyone experienced idiots causing damage or defacing the car.

The lack of windows concerns me.

I am expecting to find a discarded bag of chips or worse fag butts.

May be lucky but not yet. I don’t see it as any different to my Motorbike. Easy enough to stuff the chips in the bag on the rear mudguard or poke rubbish round the handle bars or the bike. Currently the Twizy stands out and too many people look at it for idiots to get chance to do something stupid.

I once found a pile of telephone directories dumped in mine, turned out to be my boss playing a prank.
The first day I had the Twizy I parked it on a London street, I was paranoid that someone would scratch it or rummage through the interior, instead it drew a massive crowd of people with camera phones.

Not as yet and i hope it stays that way but with the plastic finish it would not take 10 mins to wash the car inside and out, if it happens it happens you just have to forget about it, as osbrook mentioned just likea motorbike or convertible car

I understand that, but what sticks in my mind it the drunks talking to be asking about the car saying how cool it was, and then 5 mins later launching a bottle at me as I pulled away.

But like I said on another thread if I was in Lamboghini it would most likely happen also. Therefor I am on a level the footballers.:lol:

I park at my local station (free for electric vehicles) and put a top cover over the car. It’s enough to deter drunks from a passing urge to throw something into the car.