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VAT on aTwizy

Just had a call from my accountant, reckons I can’t claim the Vat, as I go home in it.
Anyone know different, I will get the whole price back against tax next year, but was expecting the 20% this quarter.
He is going to phone them, but to date no one seems to know.
Thouht it might be interesting to put it on here and get some more views.

I am claiming it against tax with the 0% BIK, but I’m not VAT registered (yet) so not a problem for me. Would be interested to know though, in case it makes sense to register in time and claim back the last three year’s VAT.

Keep us posted!

I bought my Twizy through VAT registered company. I have seen nothing to make me think that VAT can be claimed back on the purchase, as for VAT purposes Twizy seems to be treated like any other car.
I do intend to claim back the VAT on the battery lease.

Not claim able apparently, a lot annoying, as it is a French vehicle and purchased purely for advertising, personally I think i would have got away with it if he had just claimed it. This means that the whole list price is claim able next year.
Anyway the accountant has emailed the revenue for clarification, but this takes 15 days, I shall let you know what they say.
Seems that the points are that it has more than 3 wheels and is designed to carry a passenger, this makes it a car, therefore car rules apply.

VAT on Company cars

If the Company purchases a car for 100% company use and it sits in the Company compound overnight (such as a delivery vehicle) then the VAT may be reclaimed on that purchase. When the vehicle is sold or disposed of in some form, an element of VAT is deemed to be required to be repaid unless the vehicle is 100% written off in some form.

So since I bought Twizy through my Company I cannot claim it sits in a compound overnight - even though I have a home office registered - so I just take the Capital write off at 100% against Corporation Tax and reclaim the VAT on the Battery Lease and a proportion of electricity for recharging

Hope that helps.

That’s the same as will happen for me, except I always charge it at work.
I 100%guarantee that my accountant will only allow me some of the rental as I go home in it, Iam sure he works for the revenue, and not me.

Personal Use of a Company Car is taxed to the individual and petrol is paid as a reasonable part of that company perk and taxed as a Benefit In Kind (BiK). So if petrol is paid by the Company and you are taxed on that BiK then no problem. If the vehicle is electric then the recharge cost should be paid by the Company and the BiK declared as part of the Company Car declaration. At present however the BiK for electric cars is ZERO and so there is no tax to be be paid on having it and recharging it at home should be 100% claimable. Go to http://www.maplin.co.uk/plug-in-electricity-cost-and-usage-calculator-223573 and buy one of these on the Company (VAT reclaimable etc etc) and use it on your recharge to claim the exact amount if required. Since its not much anyway it is still worth the purchase to see how little Twizy costs to recharge. Economy 7 would be even cheaper but I can’t be bothered…

The electricity cost of running a Twizy is almost (but not quite) negligible compared with the cost of the battery. If and when a critical mass of the country’s car fleet is electric, the government will need to find some additional source of revenue from EV’s. I’m voting for a usage tax on A roads and above using number plate recognition! Those will be the roads where they eventually bury the on-the-move inductive charging plates, so we’ll have to use them if we want to go any distance. :wink:

Number plate recognition on our previous Smart was 100% useless. For car parks at least. For road charges I want those black mounting bolts on the yellow background (or white bit). And how would it work for a pre-1972 sliver and black number plate?

in my experience registering for VAT is not a good idea unless you have to, but thats another story.
Im sure though that those registered for VAT would be able to reclaim it on a Twizy, the accountant who says no is being more picky than the HMRC would be, particularly given the nature of the vehicle. Can say for example it is advertising your company and then the compound rule doesnt apply, not that they ever check!

Exactly my point, my accountant is very thorough , on behalf of the revenue ;(

I do my own company accounts, save money on Accountants for starters, plus don’t have to justify my figures to anyone, except the Revenue if they should ever ask!

Hmmm been there done that, way beyond doing my own unfortunately, its nigh on a full time job now Iam afraid. I could swap accountants, but its a whole heap of hassle.


Advice from my accountant is that you can only reclaim the VAT if you only use it for business and you keep a log of all of the miles that the car does. It does qualify for 0% CC Tax so the company picks up the tab for everything and you pay no personal tax for the benefit in kind!

It is my first time on this forum I have had my Twizy since July and love it, Registration nomber is BO11 XXZ

If that is you reg, then congrats :smiley:

Just checked car checker, and it is a Twizy , love that number !

Hi, I have put a photo of my Twizy as my Avatar, I think that I may have just found the Achilles Heel of it though. I park my Twizy at the station and the other day someone thought it would be funny to turn my lights on as it is easy to do. When I returned I found that the car was dead as the 12V battery was flat. I phoned the Renault number and someone from the AA arrived and duly ‘jump started it’. This was a hassle (it took over an hour) and the person that turned the lights on now knows that this is a flaw with the car.
I contacted Renault to see if they can modify the car so that it is not possible to activate the lights or hazards when the ignition key has been removed and they said that they cannot because it is European legislation that you have to be able to turn the lights and hazards on when the key is not in the ignition.
I have a VW Passat as my family car and, I know from experience that, if you leave the lights on when you take the key out of the ignition, they only stay on until the battery reaches a certain level and they the switch off, preserving enough charge to start the car.
I think that Renault needs to do this on the Twizy before the flaw becomes common knowledge but they will not do this for me as it will cost them money and I am only an individual. However as a collective we may be able to force them into it. I would like this to be the subject of a new thread but I cannot work out how to do it so can someone that knows more about this website introduce it as a new thread. I think that we will need to petition Renault to force them into applying the modification.

Noted, but this needs to be done quietly to avoid letting the general public know that you can do this to the Twizy :wink:

I already started a thread on this but was told I was being paranoid and unreasonable. Renault UK themselves hit back on Twitter when I asked them about it by saying that it’s the same for convertibles with the roof down.

I’m glad someone finally agrees with me that it’s a glaring flaw. Once people know about it we’ll start seeing more dead Twizys.

You’re right, the Twizy should preserve some 12v battery in order to start the car. Running it to 0 is ridiculous.

I agree it is a big flaw, but the more it is publicised, the more it will happen!

Hi James, may I suggest that you contact members that have Twizy’s to ask them if they would be interested in signing/agreeing to a petition to Renault?