vBulletin License for Sale - £100

I have a vBulletin 5 license for sale if anybody on this forum would be interested. Thought I’d ask here first before trying to flog it elsewhere.

RRP is currently $249 (~£175). Looking to get rid of it for £100. License gives you full access to all versions of vBulletin forum and CMS software. It’s the license that was used for the old Twizyowners site, hence why I no longer need it.

There is one caveat, the license can only be transferred this one time and will then be non transferrable in the future.

Please let me know if you’re interested.


I remember having one for a previous site I ran, but alas no more.

James, may I ask what software you use for this site please? It is the friendliest forum site I have ever come across or is it because it’s been so well configured? Maybe both?!

Yes have to agree the look and feel of this is far superior to any other I have been involved in

Hi Martin

The forum software is called Discourse. It’s a Ruby on Rails based backend with an Ember frontend client…if that means anything to you. I haven’t really had to configure much to be honest, it works well out of the box!

Glad you like it anyway :slight_smile:

James, you are a star! I’m actually going to close my current one down and run with this, it really is that impressive. Thank you. And on a side note I would like to make a donation to TwizyOwners.com for the maintenance of it. How would I go about doing this?

SpeakEV have a Supporters membership category. £6 pa. I’m not sure whether “income” would help or complicate running the forum but I certainly get more than that value from it.