Vehicle Management System in a Twizy?

One of my children is working on a University project to design an electric car and has been tasked with specifying the Vehicle Management System for the vehicle. If you look at Systems diagrams of an EV, many include a VMS but I have never seen it discussed in this forum, which got me thinking.
Does the Twizy have a Vehicle Management System? And, if it does, Where is it? What does it look like? And what is its specification?


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This vehicle doesn’t have a multiplex network… it has only an ECU or UCH that is the main brain of the car…is a little black box between the main front lights…

You’re getting to a rock here that’s big and you can’t jump? You want a diagram of the controller and how it’s programmed to control the elеktric car???
I was trying to convince people here about the way they should help each other if they had a problem with the battery, the charger, and more. Everyone wants to install something as an add-on and fix things. It’s a temporary solution. The total solution is to replace the Sevcon controller with another, for example, curtis 123. And the problems are over. You can put a battery on it. The system is open and perceives everything. Success. I hope I was useful???

Ive never heard the term “Vehicle Management System” - there is a “Battery Management System” to manage the battery and a “Body Control Module” which controls accessories not related to the drivetrain, e.g. security so keys are coded to the BCM, then there is a motor controller, which in the Twizy is a Sevcon unit, and the charger/dc-dc converter.

Hope that helps?

Thank you everyone who responded to this request. My daughter has started to make some progress with the project. Its all very conceptual at this point.
To G.a.r.y’s point, not all cars have a Vehicle Management System, but where they do, they seem to provide a layer of logic between the individual systems.