Vehicle to Grid inverters

Anyone know about vehicle to grid inverters?

I’ve recently been purchasing bits for a home solar/battery set up and saw ovo recently advertised a trial for nissan leafs. Tesla have proposed a few things in the past with their powerwall but nothing ive seen that’s firm.

The twizy has a decent 6.1kw battery that could be useful in a power outage, anyone know if the twizy could be used this way? Wondering if it’s ecu/bms is too “dumb” to allow two way energy transfer.

As far as I’m aware there’s currently only the 2018 Nissan Leaf that has the technology (inside it) to allow vehicle-to-grid.

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Pull out the power cord from the battery and spin the Twiz’s key if it triggers the contator you have no problem… Bind to 48 in an inverter and voila???

I did wonder if that would be the case. Oh well, worth a wonder.