Very scary hiccup!

Today I took a ride of total 4 kilometers.
Was fully charged, temprature was at 25 and was taking it VERY EASY at stage 2 powerbox .
On my ay back home after 1 kilometer, the STOP beeper sounded 3 times with the light on, battery temprature signaled and the Twizy stopped accelerating.

It was rolling without any RECU.
Once I safely roled it aside, turned it off and back on again. No warnings were lit and Twizy stuttered with 2km/h at full acceleration like I had my hand brake fully pulled.

Turned off and on again… Same. I thought to my self this is it… It’s dead.

Tuned powerbox down to tune stage 1. Turned on and off again.

Then did this video as I was slightly rolling with full acceleration. I let go a couple of times as that gave an instant kick…

All of a sudden it was back as you see in the video.

We’ve talked about this earlier on e mail. you have had a problem with your car for a while now. I think you have a bad contact in the battery or at the ECU. Tune your car back to standad tuning and hand it in to Renault so they can go over it to find the error.

Thank you for your 2 cents kenneth.
I can’t remember us taking about it. This was the first time this happened.

Turning my Twizy back to renault means I have to transport it all the way to germany and back…,
That’s a very expedience little fix for me.

Oh boy…

Sorry Alex, I mixed you up with another Alex :slight_smile:
Have you really no renault dealers in greece?

You can try to find the bad connector yourself. just unscrew the bottom plate which is under the engine and skjekke all 5 connectors that is on the Sevcon controller.
If you’ll find no bad connection there so the fault is inside the battery. You then must return it to a Renault dealer for inspection.

On the german forum i saw some horrible pictures of corrosion on connector M3 and the Mass cable on the SEVCON. Alex if so it is worth a cleaning with a toothbrush and isopropanol.

Thank you so much both Kenneth and Roel!!!
I’ll have a look and hope for simple fixes!

You sorted now Alex?

Havent had time to get under it… It drives fine now.
Although when I switched back to medium tube powerbox, at first it got me the same warning signals (Battety temp) but it rides without issues.
I’ll be back home in a week. So I’ll get cranking then.

Hope it will be okay. I’m bored now. Twizy all finished. What to do now?!

Wheels Martin;) big fat wheeels!!

Ha!!! Maybe. I like the guy’s Smart wheels, they look really good. But only bought the Twizy alloys but I’m sure someone will buy those off me!

Like this…

Οοοοοοοοh! Roel! You certainly raised the challenge bar on Marty;)

Original Renault.

Putting 1+1 together…
Haven’t gad any further issues so I took my self back in time and I remembered… 3 hours prior to the incident the Twizy whent through this:)

So I guess the connector got wet and whent nuts on me…

I came to this conclusion after I read a post of the French FB fan page, where after a heavy rain drive, the Twizy reacted similarly.

A couple replay mention the connector getting wet…

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So get on with it and dry it all out. I did think you were slightly nuts spraying the whole car any way!!! It does say in the hand book to keep the water cleaning low in the cabin.

Last time mine looked like that is was due to snow. :slight_smile:

Martin, this is supposed to be a water resist vehicle. What happens to twizys without doors? They get fully wet on seat and floor. I had kept my washing strictly on those areas. Dash and roof were kept dry.

After all, the damn thing gets dirty very easily inside. Especially in a country like greece where dust particles are much denser that in the northern countries where it rains frequently.

Anyhow, renault should have created a fully washable vehicle, like motorcycles or even the smart crossblade.
But that’s renault for you… Just throws out in a market a car that’s good enough to look at and roll.

I couldn’t agree more.

Now, I have a SPECTACULAR new Twizy accessory idea for you. Email me. :sunglasses: