Very slow charging

On a few occasions my twizy takes ages to charge, today I got home after a run out and plugged in with 13% then checked 2.5 hrs later and it was at 33%. This has happened a few times, last week it took over 6 hours to go from 4% to 94%!
I’ve got an outside socket so should be giving me full power. I used to use an extension cable and blamed that as it was only 10amp but not so sure now. Is there a way of checking how much current is flowing?

Doesn’t sound right.

I charge mine using an outside plug and extension cable and it’s fully charged in just over 3 hours. My latest charge even gave me an impressive 51 mile range.

Do a simple check of the voltage atbyour socket. Some times it can be too high and the Twizy will not charge. So if yoursvis on the trigger point then it will not charge all the time.

It needs to be less than 248v.

A poor extension lead may then have helped.

I’ll look into that.

Happened to look at my 12v battery today and it was nearly on its side with the bracket floating around, no wonder there was a banging sound at the front going over speed bumps and pot holes etc. I thought it was the hard suspension and wheels leaving the road!
How is the bracket held down?

more than likely i would think will be your extension cable, make sure if its a wind up one its fully retracted as they get very hot

I’m not using one now as I now have an outside socket but still having the odd slow charge.

What is your Mains voltage at the Socket?

Should be 240 volts but not checked yet. Car has given up charging and has gone to my nearest Renault dealer

@keith.h very funny. The UK supply varies by -+ 10% at the top end the twizy will charge very slowly or end discharge.

Which is why I asked.