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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Vettel drives the Zoe, Twizy & Twizy F1



I’ve seen this before. I think he smiled more when he drove the standard Twizy… I recognised the smile, I see it every time I let some one lose with the keys.

I think Renault Sport got the chassis just right for the twizy, then dialed in the understeer with either smaller fronts or wider rears and then the controller was restricted down to maximise range. A little more power on the original RS pre idiot proof setup must be the ultimate fun fun fun car… but maybe a little more challenging than someone without RWD oversteer experience would be used to. I suspect the suspension rubbers on the lower wish bones could do with being a little stiffer judging by what the chassis does as the power goes on and the wieght transfers. :slight_smile: