Video of Twizy in the snow... In French


I previously attached a link to a short video showing Twizys been used in the snow as part of a driving school in France.

The following video is longer and from a French motoring program called Turbo when they did a report of the driving school. There are also using an electric snow mobile. You may have seen it already

Also… I have seen 2 twizys in around Uxbridge (Hillingdon area of London) in a matter of 3 weeks (first time for me since the Twizy was introduced in the UK apart from the one always parked in Convent Garden). On the first sighting I was able to stop, get out of the Twizy and shake hands with the driver (No doors) but had to go quickly when the lights turned green at early morning rush hour.

Any members?


Looks great fun in these none road legal Twizys. They have no mudguards.

Yet to see a wild Twizy only ones at a show or had arranged to meet.

Here is mine from a while back