Vin location?

Hi, funny story with me today…
I tryed to register twizy, and in registration centre guys couldn’t find vin number of twizy! We found only sticker with vin number, but not the stamped one or engraved!
Could someone tell me where to find vin number on chasis?

It’s underneath the dashboard, just slightly back from where the brake pedal hinges, there is a bit like part of the chassis. It’s on there. You have to turn yourself upside down to see it.

thanks,but you probably mean the sticker under dash?
im looking for stamped on chassis itself?

At your sevice :grin:

Remove the backsupport of the backseat. There you see the VIN in the window, stamped in metal.
See picture:


thank you very much!
can u imagine renault dealers couldnt tell where it is!:smiley:

If you mean the vin/chassis number, the stuck on detail under the dash is your vin/chassis no. You can check it with your registration document.