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Wallpods from Rolecserv

James asked me to write here and let you know of my experience with the Wallpod system from Rolec

I did lots of research and came up with this system as the most cost effective quality solution for Twizy charging and I bought two units one for home and one for work. Yesterday the home unit was fitted. I though last night everything was working ok as the plug seemed to work and the car charged though it was as 98% anyway.

This morning however, used the car and tried to plug it back in and i saw that the Wallpod module design does not really allow the Twizy plug to connect properly and whatever I did I could not get the car to charge by plugging it directly into the Wallpod.

Eventually as you can see i plugged it in via an extention lead and it connected and started to charge.

Here is a close up of the Twizy plug and the wallpod, as you can see the Wallpod does not really fit the Twizy plug at all.

Here is the Twizy plugged in last night. It looks kind of cute between the Jag and the Toureg!

Anyway, I have now written to Rolecserve and told them that the standard 13amp module does not fit the Twizy and I have sent them these pictures and will see what they say. I hope that they can replace the 13amp module with one that actually works for the Twizy with no problems.

Watch this space…

Welcome Twizynorthwood!

You are correct. I have heard from Rolec that the currently designed 13 amp wallpod does not allow the Twizy plug to fit properly.

They are, however, working hard to design a modified version of their wallpod system for use with the Twizy which should be available within a fortnight.

I have chosen to get my wallpod installed by Ploughcroft who specialise in fitting wallpods for EV recharging. They have quoted me £500 which seems a fair price and they are aware of the issue with the Twizy plug.

Thanks James its good to know that I am not the only one who has this problem and I look forward to hearing about the solution proposed.

The good news is that Rolecserve and Renault are now talking about a solution. It seems that a non-standard German sourced UK! plug was put on the Twizy and this was different to that fitted to the prototype and early models. Rolecserv geared up for this plug and then found the production car had a plug that is longer than a regular UK plug and seems more bulbous.

Excuse my ignorance ( Iam not an electrician) , but why can’t you just plug it in anywhere, in a normal socket.
I realise that in a car park, you can’t just chuck an extension lead across the floor, but in your garage etc, will a 13 amp plug not do ?

The difference here is Charging out and about (mainly in London) and for external points. You are right in saying it just needs a 13 amp socket, however if you need to put in a socket nearer the car or outside then you may as well pay the extra and have a point that can be used with other EV’s that use a different plug. There is a big difference in the outlets. If you are sure you do not need anything but a 13amp socket then you can use £20 external socket and run some cable to it.

We all have different needs. I have a garage and don’t need to install a new point and will not put in a socket for future EV use until I need one and am sure that the standard has become fixed!

I will run a heavy duty extension lead outside if another Twizy needs a top up though. :smiley:


I am not an expert but I have discussed this with a qualified electrician. It is possible to chuck an extension lead out of the window or fit a £20 external socket and I have done both of these without problem on a temporary basis. However the advice is this:

  1. External sockets should be wired back to a separate breaker unit to the rest of the house.
  2. Use armoured cable to fit an exterrnal garden socket. Use 4mm 3 core for 41amp use for future EVs

I had a new panel fitted to feed all garden supplies then garden and house are isolated from each other. I used 4mm 3 core armoured cable so if I upgrade I won’t have the expense of recabling. I bought the Rolecserve unit as it has a 13amp plug and a kva meter and a breaker just for the plug so its extra safe.

Totally agree. All my Garden sockets are on Armoured cable on a separate breaker. Separate circuits for the workshop/shed. I just don’t need a dedicated EV point yet!

Any dedicated EV point should be cabled for 32 AMP loads ready for future expansion (41 amp cable depending on length). In this case a £20 socket would be of no use.

What ever is used make sure it is safe as these are huge currents and cheap leads will got very hot and possibly melt! Even heavy duty extensions leads MUST be fully un-coiled before passing a load through them. The EMF in a reel wound cable will cause it to get hot even when not carrying large loads.

Always go bigger on cable capacity. Looking at the Twizy needs - 10 amps, a 13amp may be okay for 3- 5 meters max extension leads, but 16amp cable would be better. After this distance you start to get in to routing issues and trip hazards. 16amp rated leads of 25meters are available but not for long term load carrying like is required for the Twizy.


Thanks guys, I am better informed now, will put a cheap outdoor socket on my garage outside wall, the garage is 15 m from the house, so,the cable to that will be an issue if anything, I know it’s as thick as my thumb and armoured.
The garage has its own consumer unit , so should be well protected.

I am about to buy a Twizy.
I will need to drive it approx 70 miles to get it home, so will need to charge on way home!
There are 2 zerocarbonworld charging points on the way, but I have understood that I will suffer from the problem you mention-the Twizy plug not fitting.
Having no experience of electric cars nor charging stations I am slightly nervous that I will be stuck in a Twizy with no charge.
Do you know if I need to buy a specific type of extension lead, or will any one do?

Unfortunately, the Twizy plug and coiled lead will give you problems with ZCW and most other charging stations. We understand that Renault are working on the problem and a solution is as complex as a change of plug :slight_smile:

Twizy Charging Difficulties

I know the folks at Eco Travel Network are using the [URL=“http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/9050044.htm”]Argos Weather Proof Extension Lead with their Twizy’s

Hi Paul
Welcome to the site.

If it makes you feel any better, I’ve not had a problem with the charge point I use in London. Admittedly the charge point door doesn’t close easily because of the thick charge cable, but it is doable. Whereabouts will you be travelling from and to? Can you not get Renault to deliver it to your home?

It is also worth pointing out that Rolec (The ZCW charge point manufacturer) are working on a pod that will accept the larger Twizy plug.

Where have you got to get to and from ? Paul

That’s correct but that solution wont work for all the other Charging Station manufacturers that you want to use with your Twizy… this is a Renault issue and they need to solve it.

This is an important point… if you are unable to close the door/flap on the Charging Station then it should not be used. The equipments IP rating will depend on this seal and without it the unit will not be waterproof 8-|

Thanks for replies.
I will taking the Twizy from Portsmouth to Wroughton, near Swindon.
It is not new so Renault can’t deliver.

If you travel via Basingstoke then charge at Audleys Wood Hotel which is free if you stop for lunch or tea :smiley:

Portsmouth to Audleys Wood (via West Meon) 40 Miles

Audleys Wood to Wroughton 46 Miles

Full details are on the Zero:Net website

Don’t forget your Argos Weather Proof Extension Lead

Remember though that the Twizys range is GREATLY reduced when driving on long straight fast roads such as dual carriageways or motorways. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say the potential range is halved when driving the Twizy on roads like these. And in reality the Twizy’s range is more likely 45-50 miles. So you are looking at maybe 25 miles if driven entirely on a motorway.

sure just like all EV’s… should be no problem if driven across country as suggested… via West Meon to Audleys Wood, and via Marlborough to Wroughton… Nikki has lots of experience of getting the most out of a Twizy so probably worth consulting her.