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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Wannabe Twizy owner

Hi glad to join the club but unfortunately dont own a twizy. I am however seriously considering one if my job and commute changes soon (i hope). Joined up to ask questions and join in the debates. Im currently a Citroen DS3 owner and an active member on their club. I actually have met two people on this forum so small world indeed. Reason i want a twizy is aside from the congestion charging avoidance im a massive fan of electric vehicles, think the whole idea of a twizy is awesome fun and hate paying for diesel.

Welcome to the forum mate!

Who else do you know?

I met Nikki once when i went to watch her produce her podcast out of interested and also for my university dissertation. It was at the UK test launch of the iMiev. And yourself from the fruitstore haha.