Want to buy my first Twizy. 2014 - 2016 Twizy with Doors

My Location: North West England…but will travel.

Ive hired a twizy and had an amazing rocket sled drive over honister pass in the lakes so Im looking to buy one. This will be my first EV so bit of a project. Id like a cared for honest motor !
In particular I need some reassurance that the brakes are all OK !!! The money is waiting…

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Enjoy - you should find one ok.

I have windows but have not had them on the car for 2 years, prefer it without and makes little / no difference in wind / rain / winter etc


I have a 2012 Twizy with 900 miles on the clock! It comes complete with doors and I have just purchased some windows. I am based in Birmingham. My asking price which is non negotiable is ÂŁ5500.

thanks for the note .

hellooo out there sell me your twizy…

Not having mine :slight_smile: Too rare to part with when I enjoy it so much.

There are still some around though. Don’t worry about distance form you so much as they can be moved on a Trailer or in a Transit van.

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dont mind paying a good price for the right car especially for a newer one. . but not the silly retail prices that the dealers want in that London. some used vehicles are price higher than a new one!

Hi did you still want a Twizy?

My email is [email protected]

changed my mind. Too expensive for what they are.