Warranty runs out on 16 April

My Twizzy is booked in on the 10 th of April for its MOT. so while it’s there I’ve asked them to look at one of the doors, it pushes out.

But does anyone have any other suggestions of areas I should get checked, while they can fix it under warranty?

I haven’t had the sticky accelerator, as my Twizzy is kept in its own warm shed.


As yours is an early car, get then to check calipers not binding or under the yellow OTS bulletin for inspection for leaks, check seat base inner (hidden under seat) is not cracked-was redesigned after early cars cracked, ask if your throttle came under the red OTS bulletin for being replaced.

I thought the oldest UK Twizy was only 3 years old and they come with a 4 year warranty - don’t they? 3 years before they need an MOT.

The warranty is for four years, so no panic yet. Oldest Twizy will still have a year to go.

Interesting the garage thought it was only 3 years. I can see an argument coming, where would I prove it?


I have read out the list you gave me mender, and they will check them all. Thank you

This is from the brochure. Don’t know if you can magnify it. It’s called the 4+, four years warranty, roadside cover, servicing and finance package.

You can go online to www.renault.co.uk/4plus

Interestingly my Twizy is 3 today, and I’ve just renewed my tax - online - without having had an MOT. An anomaly??

I have also recently renewed my “tax disc” online. It was about 3 weeks before the Twizy’s 3rd birthday and it went through without saying it needed an MOT. Having said that the reminder did specifically mention that the vehicle will need an MOT on the 3rd birthday.

I don’t think my Twizy came with 4+?

The paperwork I got seemed to suggest a two year warranty on some things and three years on others. (I think it was probably 2 years on drivetrain and 3 years on everything else?)