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Water drainage

When I wash the Twiz, I get a lot of water on the rear curve and in the front housing near the wash wipe. How does this water drain away… Concerned about frost opening the laminated roof… Can’t seem to get it to drain as all the water collects there?

I have a hole at the back of my roof. Though I dread to think where it drains to. I imagine it falls in to the boot space.

I think you’re right. Safety Note: wrap anything water-intolerant in a plastic bag. :slight_smile:

Yep, the rear boot is not protected from water and dust. In dry weather, mine is full of dust and hay, in the wet, sludge!

Originally, the rear seat base was supposed to turn upside down after unlocking the rear rest catch with the key (look at the catch and the owners manual pictures) to form a small boot space instead of a rear seat-but they abandoned the idea and simply riveted the rear seat base down in the centre-mine was a demo and had been wrenched out. As it just lifted free before I mended it, I noted the much better rear boot access this way-much easier than via the back rest panel.

If you’re curious, don’t wrench out the seat base-yanking out the big rivet will damage the body shell; you can carefully lever out the seat base padding and drill the rivet out if you need to, but then the seat rattles and comes loose. Leave it alone!

The Twizy is well finished for a new prototype, but this is one area that was rushed into production and ended up as a poor job.

I’m sure there are some video’s about this on You tube as a German member filmed it in action for me. Also if you look at the now obsolete Luggage bag installation instructions you will see how to remove the seat pad and drill out the rivet.

Renault tech guides and the [URL=“http://www.tech-accessoires.renault.com/download_doc/?document_id=3471”]leisure bag.

It would have been very easy to mould an integral booster seat that flipped over and fitted this space too…opportunity missed

It would not surprise me if that’s what the original idea (booster seat and secure storage increase) was but the “Safety Police” stopped it. Rather like windows. If windows had been fitted at supply then, as there is no positive ventilation (and any “Safety Policeman” knows that batteries give off hydrogen) the cab must be freely ventilated. If the Owner chooses to fit windows personally then they assume the responsibility for any subsequent safety impact not the manufacturer.

Compare and Contrast.