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Water run at the bottom of the doors

After only ever driving my Twizy in the rain, I can’t help but notice that after opening the doors when it’s been raining, you have to dodge the falling drips that come off the bottom of the doors when you’re getting in and out.

It surely would be very simple (and maybe this could be implemented in the Twizy 2?) to have a shaped ‘run’ of some kind at the bottom of the doors that collects the drips and runs them to the front of the door.

Almost like guttering for the Twizy doors, but think in terms of tiny guttering that just wicks the water away.

The trouble with the guttering is
A) it will look ugly
B) it will catch all the dirt.

I have never noticed this as an issue. Do you open the doors fully, as this should allow the water to run round the edge and away.


I do yes but still get drips.

Maybe I’m not explaining what I can see in my head. It would hardly be noticeable, but like a small plastic curve or lip at the bottom of the doors (think tiny tiny so you wouldn’t even see it) to wick away the water.

I’ll create a photoshop mockup if I get time.

I feel like this is our opportunity to really improve this car to our liking so that in 5 years time or whatever when they decide to release a new version of the Twizy (because they will!) it will have some features brought about by our feedback.

If you notice at the front of the car after it has been raining that water collects where the wiper is fitted. There doesnt seem to be a drain hole there and I am not sure if this could be a problem after a while.

Not noticed this but will keep an eye out for it.