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Not that I’m selling - but since I discovered their website ignored the Twizy, I went for a quote for my 12 reg Color (currently 20 months old. Eventually they came up with a price… £2,700 !

This price included taking on the Battery Lease too - so whilst not earth shattering at least they are agreeable to take them.

Saying that I felt the price was around £1k less than it should be, he agreed it was in the low side and said they base their price on the inter-trade price at dealerships, and cream £500 for their trouble. (making the dealer buy in price £3,200 for a Color). He went on to say it would have greater value as a trade in for another EV (Zoe, anyone?) but for an owner who had no plans to upgrade, their option at least allowed disposal with no issues over the battery.

Interesting to hear this-I thought the lease liability ceased if traded to a dealer and the next liability was to the new owner-worth checking with the RFS on that as I thought the deal was that dealers had no BH liability while in their ownership and the WBAC might now be aware of this (or are and are making the best of it…!)
I may be wrong, but thought this was the case?

WBAC are better than they used to be, but when they started out I went for an interview and found out (at the time-not sure of current set-up) that they buy the cars in under trade price and sell them back to the trade. The staff made their money from how much they knocked off the original web quote price by using a paint thickness meter to detect repairs, scrutinising the service history etc and deducting retail price of for any repairs etc needed-when they were only offering the base CAP/Glasses price (which covers these repairs by being less than the top book price) in the first place. Anyone that mentioned emigrating, probate sale etc got shafted as they knew they were the last option and the car must be sold asap.

Thing is now that new cars can be had for such low prices if you are a cash/no p-ex buyer that sometimes taking a hit on sale price to get cash quickly to get the last of the offers on your new one is worth it, eg:

Brand new mid-spec Zafira 7 seat with Lifetime Warranty/100,000 miles for under 10k with 1.9% finance
Brand new Suzuki Alto 5 door with 3 years everything at £4999
Pre-reg Skoda Rapid TSI S £8999

If you’re after a restricted number new deal, having the cash gets it done and saves faffing with buyers (who can be hard work sometimes) too.

The guy went on to explain how the battery transfer worked - they are given a moratorium, they accept the battery lease from the owner and assign it to themselves. They are not required to pay anything for the first three months only - after this they pay the retail price we all get hit with. They can transfer to another dealer and the 3-month clock restarts.

Like you, I thought they got a free ride, but apparently not!

Only three months…?
No wonder dealers are reticent about buying them in then. Perhaps Renault should change this?

Thanks for info