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We now have 3 Twizy's

So after buying a Twizy almost a year ago from Martins Renault Basingstoke and being very happy with them, we have just bought two more, one in Durham and one in Schiphol Netherlands. I have had involvement in purchasing all 3 and by far the best experience was the first. The Netherlands is also so far ahead with electric vehicles than the UK and very prepared.

One point to note was that recently Farnborough Main station was redeveloped without ANY changing points… There are also zero charging points around the Farnborough area to this day. I have not checked to see if there are charging points in the Durham, Newcastle area, Schiphol no issue at all with charging points everywhere. We even contacted rushmoor bc and national rail to sponsor some charging points at Farnborough Main but we drew a complete blank.

when will the rest of the UK outside of London start getting prepared for electric vehicles? Rushmoor BC are not interested at all!!

Hi Robbie,
In the Netherlands most charging point are Type2 Mennekes plugs. So make sure you have a shuko to Mennekes adapter.