Weight limit for Twizy

Hi, I just wanted to know if there is a weight limit for the Twizy? Have been asked the question and can’t seem to find an answer. Thanks in advance.

I’ve done a bit of a search and the only info I can find is a max GVW of 589kg with a kerb weight of 474kg (including battery) so a max load weight of 115kg, this surprised me as in most calculations the average weight of a person is 80kg, which in theory means the car can only carry 1 adult! however the renault spec sheet the 474kg kerb and max payload of 115kg, but contradicts that by saying the Gross Train weight is 690kg, but officially the Twizy can’t tow!! Very Confusing!! http://www.autoevolution.com/_mozpdfjs/web/viewer.php?file=http://www.autoevolution.com/pdf/auto/04151fd70b31683ef23f77e929280a46/56a3cc81/renault-twizy-brochure-uk.pdf&title=UkVOQVVMVCBUd2l6eSBCcm9jaHVyZSAoVUsp

Thank you @Billybob75, appreciate the response. We are starting a Twizy rental business and need to know that sort of info. As you say it is a little surprising seeing as two men weigh well in excess of 115kg and the Twizy has no problems with that sort of load.

well i had myself and a passenger that must have been about 215kgs and noticed no loss in power

474kg curb weight?!?!?!? :fearful:
Man I thought was much lighter!!!

There is nearly 100KG of battery and box.

Box you mean the battery metal shell right?
How much do you think is the weight of the battery box?