Well car dealership! Do I believe what he said to me?!?!

So I rang up my local Renault dealership and asked about buying a Twizy in the next 4 weeks as getting provisional licence then doing my CBT test after so I can buy twizy 80…but anyway the guy on the phone said that end of August they will stop buying them from France so that if I really want one after August then I will have to place a order for my twizy to be made! That makes me annoyed cause I need a car as soon as possible as I want to progress with my work from being a care home worker to doing home care! Apparently it’s some kind of European something…I live in UK and so lucky France isn’t too far away but I don’t want to drive in September when it’s going to get cold haha…anyway well im new to the world of owning a Twizy in the near future…but I wanna know what insurance company people have and what type of insurance and how much it is to insure a Twizy (asking only for UK users on this as I need a rough idea when I buy mine)…thank you future twizy owner

Try the comparison sites. With you not having a full license you may find no one will insure you or if they do the price will be so high it would be worth waiting until you have a full license, Sorry not good news but assume you knew it would be expensive.

I use Admiral.

I tried using go compare.com or moneysavingexpert…for the Twizy with full comphensive insurance it’s asking for 350 a year which I think is pretty good! I know that I wont have to pay road tax so I think it’s pretty good offer but I will keep looking around :slight_smile: thanks for the help

That is very good £350 a year for a Learner. I wonder if they understand it.
Learners of Cars are not allowed out on their own and so do less miles and are generally a lower risk. Once they pass their test then the premium goes up.

Give the company a ring and check what it covers. I’d hate o see you wasting money.

Why a new Twizy? Mine is 6 years old and still looks good and currently no work required. So a 1 or 2 year old one might be a better deal. Mine is NOT for sale.

Reliability is very good as it is all very simple. A 2 year old one may still have 2 years warranty left. Also you may get it quicker than ordering one in from France.

Here in Slovenia, I ordered mine on 29. January 2018 and get it on 8.may 2018. But it’s from the factory in Spain directly, not from France. Why from France, when all of them are made in Spain?

It is necessary to think in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you drive a Twizy on a Provisional? I thought you couldn’t.

I believe I can…I’ve spoken to DVLA and they said it is possible but best to wait until I get my provisional licence and go from there…