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Went to look at a Twizy today

Had to take my Clio into City Motors today, so agreed to meet with their ZE guy to have a mooch around a Twizy. It was the first car you saw when you walked through the main doors and it made quite the impression! They had a white Technic with doors and windows fitted as their demo and I had a sit in. First impression, everything looked/felt really solid and I was pleasantly surprised by how roomy it was inside. I would need a cushion to sit on in order to be able to see over the steering wheel! (Mind you, I’m only a little 5’1" female person, so the sales guy said that’s probably why I found it so roomy) lol I did have one very interesting eye opener moment when the sales guy asked me where I’d be keeping it, upon telling him that it would be parked on the street overnight, he said that because of that Renault might not be willing to sell me one because I “didn’t meet their charging criteria for ownership!” or words to that effect. Kid you not!!! He went off to double check this and when he came back said that yes, Renault would be willing to sell me one afterall but I would obviously have to rely on public charging bays to keep her juiced, but I knew this already. (I live in a flat with no off-street parking/garage or carport). Seriously, I nearly got refused by Renault. I was a tad gobsmacked to say the least. Whilst the sales guy I was chatting with was very nice, he did seem most reluctant to ‘big up’ the Twizy. Now, he was aware that I’d done my research before going there, so maybe he thought he didn’t have to say very much to me about the car, but even so, he didn’t exactly ‘sell’ it to me that’s for sure. At one point he was almost trying to put me off, saying how cold it would be driving it! The car he did try and push on me instead was the Zoe. Now don’t get me wrong, gorgeous, stunning, beautiful car. I had a sit in that as well and wow, wow, wow stunning, but that’s not in my price range and whilst I’m interested in it, it’s not what I was there for. He seemed way more keen to talk about the Zoe than to talk about the Twizy, shame really. At the end of the visit, during a brief Q&A time with him about the Twizy, he really didn’t know much about her and had to continuously consult the brochure and go off and consult his boss when trying to answer a lot of my questions. Had I not learnt a heck of a lot already just be being a member on this here forum, I would have closed the conversation down and walked out, completely lacking in confidence about the situation. Anyway, I’m waiting to hear what the score is with my Clio, whether I actually need another car yet or not. Interesting to note, the demo Twizy in the showroom is for sale as soon as they get their new demo in. It’s a March '12 plate with a handful of miles on the clock and they want £6995…

Or you could buy my Twizy which is 1 year old this month has 2070 miles on it but is in as new condition and only £5999.99! I am trading up to a Zoe but have had a great time with it.

I despair about UK Car Showrooms; I’ve just spent 10 minutes wandering around the swanky new Merc garage just opened down the road from my office. Not one person approached me or even acknowledged my presence even though I’m clearly a business type and stood next to an S class coupe.

What part of the world are you in Nix?



£6995 for a year old Technic!! They are having a laugh!! I bought my ex demo Technic with doors and windows in March this year, less than a year old with 1600 miles on the clock, for £5600. Reading other threads about the very heavy first year depreciation, I am beginning to think I have over paid!! Mind you I had the same experience as you. The dealer didn’t seem at all bother to sell. It was only after a lot of patience and haggling that I got mine at the price.

Typical Renault sales!

If dealers are offering £2500 for 12 month old models and trying to sell their own stock to webuyanycar.com, as reported on here, then some dealer, somewhere will trip over themselves to sell you their ex-demo; one 12 plate was offered recently at £3995, so shop around.

There’s a 12 plate white Technic with doors and windows on Auto Trader at £6,000 today, offer them £4000 with free delivery and see where it goes! Failing that, ring every ZE dealer and tell them you want a Twizy with doors for £4000 (official windows are not good-better options out there) so if they will do that deal and deliver it, you’ll give a deposit today.
I guarantee one dealer in the UK will say yes eventually as many are desperate to move old stock.

I used this tactic when I bought mine and it worked-but not a £4000 as it was much nearer to launch before the prices dropped!

I think it is a deliberate policy with Merc and BM dealers. The salesperson will leave you alone to browse until you need help. I much prefer it that way than over eager salesperson who will follow you around and pester you with stupid questions like what are you drivng now etc etc.

No excuse for lack of knowledge but i would say the sales guy is probably “doing right by you”, telling you about the cold and not bigging the Twizy up.
It is unconventional and if he told you it was the answer to all your prayers and in 5 months time heading into winter you realised it was not for you, there would be no praise for him.
Not particularly worded well but i hope you get my gist.

Agree, the Zoe is a fine looking car. Not in my range either but hopefully next year an ex-demo will be.
If you do go for the Twizy i admire your bravery, relying on public charge points. However it seems like Bristol? has a much better infrastructure than around here. Not that we really have an infrastructure.

Didnt go for a drive then Nix?
If you were surprised by how solid it is wait until you do.
Tight and sharp i would describe it as.
One drive and you will be signing up.

Thank you, pablofb. I’ve been browsing your ad and am bearing yours in mind as a possible.

I suppose it depends on how you liked to be treated in these places. Some folk like to be ‘leapt on’ by a salesman the minute they walk through the door, others like to be left alone to look. I’m in the latter camp to be honest. Give me 10 minutes looking around then approach. I much prefer that, to be honest.

I’m in Bristol, or daaan saaaath as it’s also known. :wink:

Thanks for that, askho. That is a lot when you put those other prices out there. That’s good to know…

Thanks, mender. If it comes to the point where my Clio is not repairable and I go for a Twizy, I’ll offer half the £6995 and see what they say.

I do get your gist, thank you Ian. :smiley: The guy was being brutally honest I suppose, which in a way I can’t fault him for. It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve been in the market for a new motor, so I guess I’m not used to a car sales person being quite so honest about things as to actively try and put me off buying something that’s, let’s be fair, a hard sell for them. Mind you, he did tell me that they’d already sold two, one of which has already been written off in a crash! The lady owner drove into the back of a van, according to the sales guy!

See that’s the thing, for some folk the issue that puts them off EV motoring is the range. Now for me that’s the thing that isn’t an issue. I do such very low mileage that I’d probably only be charging once a week. Having to be reliant on pubic charging bays though makes me a bit nervous, especially with some charging bays not having suitable sockets for the Twizy, have I got that correct?

No, no test drive. When I got into the Twizy to see what it was like, one of the first things the sales guy said was that he was reluctant to test drive as he’d only driven it a couple of times and still wasn’t too sure of it! I should have got him to chuck me the keys and I would have taken it out on my own. I would have been happy to drive it, no worries.

Not one person approached me or even acknowledged my presence even though I’m clearly a business type and stood next to an S class coupe.

That is so typical these days…
You can guarantee that if you just go into a shop to browse you get inundated with
‘Can I Help you Sir?’…
Then when you have decide to buy something, you go into a shop and it is like you are invisible! :smiley:


Meh. That’s that particular dealer in my experience.

I dropped my twizzy in earlier, and left it with them. May go back and ask for it back until they do the windows… :wink:


Oh yeah, so you’ve found City Motors less than stellar, huh? Interesting. I’m back again tomorrow hopefully picking up my Clio.

Arrange a long term test. Driving licence and proof of address (take 2 to be sure) and they will let you take it on your own.

Oh right, didn’t know that. So how long is long term, couple of days?

Normally. Maybe they’ll let you have it for the weekend?

Nix, usually a couple of days. Longer if you ask really nicely or you have a contact :wink:
A couple of days in the week probably easier to arrange as there will be someone at the dealers to pick up and drop off with regardless of times. Plus more staff in through the week rather than just sales to sort paperwork.
Weekends are better though as you razz round showing everyone.

Stupidly, Renault would not allow any Twizy test drive for more than four hours when asked “due to insurance limitations”.
Even when I offered to insure it myself on my own trade policy they would not allow it.

Daft really as you can flatten the battery in an hour and it takes four to charge it up again :rolleyes:
Just borrow it and run it until you need to charge it, play innocent and tell them you’ll bring it back as soon as it is charged.