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Westfield centre in Derby

A friend sent me a picture of these new charge points in the Westfield centre in Derby.
I know nothing about them, so will have to check them out. Perhaps some of you regular users will recognise the type from the picture.Personally I have never used a public charge point yet.

Yes, they are eVolt points. They need an RF card to work or a Smartfone app for PAYG use.

Look like type 2 to me. Would be useless for Twizy. Correct me if I’m wrong tho! :slight_smile:

They can be of any type specified by the landowner. EVolt are one of the few who provide charge points that are fully customisable to cope with anything from 13a (Twizy) Blue Commando, Type 2 16/32. I’m currently negotiating with them for a 32amp circuit but Twizy socketed unit. This gives me the flexibility of simple switching the socket should I need a type 2 later.

The picture of them is too far away to discern, but a number of Shopping Centres have legacy sockets as standard.

I will try and get a look soon, and some better pics :slight_smile: